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About Hakkasan

Hakkasan is recognised as the pioneering concept that single-handedly changed the face of Chinese cuisine within the United Kingdom. Since 2003, the Michelin starred London location has set the standard for Chinese cuisine and haute Chinois interior design.  The name "Hakkasan" pays homage to the ‘Hakka’ people from the New Territories of Hong Kong while ‘san’ is the respectful Japanese form of address.  Although Hakkasan is rooted in the culinary traditions of China, the restaurant’s philosophy and cuisine are not chained by convention.

Background to the case

The finance team at Hakkasan had been using a Sage accounting package. A complete ERP solution was required that could be used by the whole team to manage the business, with a proper purchasing process and comprehensive reporting functionality included.

SAP Business One was considered as a potential solution on a recommendation to Alan Yau, owner of Hakkasan, by the Kuwaiti Food Group.  SAP subsequently put the management team at Hakkasan in touch with Sapphire.

A full review of potential financial accounting and business management systems was undertaken and Infor SunSystems was shortlisted alongside SAP Business One.

Why SAP Business One from Sapphire was chosen

Persia Morawej, Finance Manager at Hakkasan, explained that “Sapphire’s help and advice during the initial phases of finding the right business solution was very good.  The team were very professional, easy to work with and they got things done on time.  We were given a really good overview and tailored presentation by the Sapphire sales team and as a result our Managing Director was adamant that we use them.”

She added, “SAP Business One is a good fit for us as it is an international system; Hakkasan is expanding globally so we wanted a scalable solution that would work well in other countries too.  For our accounting requirements the finance module can do the job as well as a specific finance solution - and with SAP Business One we also have the other modules available in the solution as standard.”

Some of the key product features that made SAP Business One the ideal choice for Hakkasan:

Implementation and words of advice

“During the design and implementation of SAP Business One the communication between the teams at Sapphire and Hakkasan was excellent” said Persia, “We had regular meetings and Sapphire personnel came in and supported us onsite.  The process was very structured, it was all taken care of and we just had to do our role.

“The Sapphire development team who did the import services deserve a special mention – the development consultant who came in was extremely knowledgeable regarding SAP Business One, but everyone we worked with from Sapphire from our Account Manager to the Project Manager to the Application and Technical Consultants were all really good and very professional.”

Persia also commented “We had very tight deadlines in place and in the end we did run over.  We should have allocated more of our own time to the project and I would advise others not to underestimate the time required away from day to day work to get in a new system.   Sapphire was very good though and was able to accommodate the overrun.”

She went on further to advise: “Before you make a decision on which new software solution to implement, try to visit existing clients to see the system in action.  This will give you an idea of how it would work in practice and will give you an insight into effective reporting.  Do proper research and make sure you implement the right solution for your business.”

SAP Business One in operation

SAP Business One is currently used at Hakkasan’s head office and at 2 restaurants, with 8-10 users logged in at any given time.  There are plans in place to open further overseas restaurants and SAP Business One will be implemented there too.

“We are finding SAP Business One very good as a system.  I would say that we could do with a bit more training in order to become even more self-sufficient.  The whole of the head office is using it – we’re very happy with it!” said Persia

She went on to add “Now that SAP Business One is in place workload has been reduced; we are able to get more done without needing a bigger team.  We have integrated B1 with other systems that we are using and have more automation; for example, we used to have to type on sales results weekly, but now we have integrated B1 with Mission, our till system, and can import figures on a daily basis automatically – journals just flow in automatically, so there is no more adding of journals.  The next planned integration will be with FnB shop, a web-based food and beverage supplier.”

Comments on cost savings and ease of use

“I would approximate that the implementation of SAP Business One will save us around £15k per year.  When a member of the team left, it was not necessary to find a replacement as we were able to manage with a smaller team thanks to SAP Business One, so we have additionally saved the cost of an annual salary.

“It is easy to provide relevant information to other teams and reporting is quick and easy.  We can also put together ad hoc reports whenever needed, on whatever information is needed.

“SAP Business One is very user friendly – I have used SAP R/3 before, which can be a bit complicated and B1 is a lot easier; it is designed for the whole company to use – not just finance, all departments can benefit from the various modules.  Reporting functionality is a key reason for recommending the system, the query generator and the ability to easily analyse data is very useful.”

A final word on working with Sapphire

“The team at Sapphire are always helpful, they are all friendly and we have no issues with communication.  Sapphire is an easy company to work with.  Plus, the support provided is excellent, the support team is really, really good.”

Persia finished by saying: “Sapphire is a very professional and target driven organisation.  They look after customers all the time, not just during implementation, it is an on-going two-way working relationship.  I would definitely recommend working with Sapphire to others.”

Media contact: Rachel Unicomb +44 (0)20 7648 2008 [email protected]

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