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HiB is a major supplier to UK Bathroom Retailers with many years of experience in providing customers a range of quality products. A market leader in the industry, HiB's reputation has been built upon a total commitment to quality, design, manufacture and innovation. Technical expertise and support enhance HiB's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The finance team at HiB had been using Pegasus Opera for financial accounting, but the team found it was no longer a fit for them. Himesh Shah, Financial Controller at HiB, explained "Pegasus works well for a small company, but we had grown and needed better reporting. We were also after the ability to do a back up of the system without everyone having to log out and a sequel platform."

Himesh undertook a review of systems used within HiB's industry; SAP Business One came up and he found Sapphire as part of a web search on suitable providers. Following the initial market review SAP Business One, Exchequer and Sage Lines 500 and 1000 were shortlisted.

"Sapphire's input whilst we were looking for the right system to fit our needs was very helpful, they showed a good understanding of our requirements" commented Himesh. He went on to say "We chose SAP Business One versus the other products shortlisted because of the flexibility of the system. The UDF's [User Defined Fields] are particularly good when it comes to simple customisation to the specific way that we work. For example, we've set up a UDF to record the carrier that goods are going out on for each customer order. This enables us to easily track and report on the goods carriers that we work with."

Remarking on other aspects of SAP Business One that made it the right choice for HiB Himesh said "SAP Business One can grow with HiB and is more future-proof than other systems available on the market. Features that made it the right fit for us included the CRM module and business needs functionality. With SAP Business One you have a complete 360° view of the company."

With regards to price, Himesh said "SAP Business One was actually a bit more expensive than other solutions that we looked at. However the scalability of the solution and future-proofing for growth made it more suitable and ultimately better value in the longer term."

On the decision to work with Sapphire Himesh said "When considering which company to work with to implement our new system we looked at the stability of the providers and visited existing customers. Sapphire proved to be a very stable company with happy customers; but I would have to also add that the sales executive was great: to this day we have a very good working relationship and he is a very proactive account manager."

Planning was a key part of the design and implementation phase for Himesh and the team at HiB. A smooth implementation is paramount to a successful project and thanks to careful planning with Sapphire the SAP Business One implementation went according to plan – on time and on budget. "The Technical Consultant that worked on our implementation was fantastic" said Himesh, "he gave us an explanation of what the server does from a technical point of view, which was an interesting learning curve and he left us with clear instructions on how to do things like add new users. Sapphire gave us step-by-step, easy to follow guides and information."

Now that SAP Business One has been in place for nearly 2 years, Himesh describes current performance and the key benefits it is bringing HiB: "SAP Business One is performing very well and we couldn't be happier with the flexibility and quick reporting. Being able to drill down into the data itself from any part of the system is very handy."

HiB has SAP Business One installed at 2 of their sites and usually has around 25 people logged in to the system. "The system is very easy to use and it's simple enough to train new users," said Himesh, "we haven't had any problems."

Himesh went on to describe the working relationship with Sapphire saying: "The support that we receive from Sapphire is spot on. The individuals on the support desk demonstrate a 'can do' attitude and are very knowledgeable on SAP. They do their very best to help you and are very good at keeping you informed if an issue can't be resolved immediately. I have been monitoring the response and outcome of any issues and they have excelled our expectations: they are always pleased to help no matter how small or large the problem and give good advice and directions. They make our lives much easier and we consider them to be part of the team here. The Support team and the high level of service they provide would be a key reason for me to recommend Sapphire to others – along with the sales team and the technical team too!"

HiB has integrated SAP Business One with the Freeway EDI programme; with the integration written by Sapphire. This provides full electronic ordering and invoicing from SAP Business One with several of HiB's largest customers and their business solutions.

There are further plans afoot to look at developing use of the system at the warehouse. "Essentially our use of SAP Business One is constantly evolving as HiB grows and changes" observed Himesh, adding "Since installation we have already changed the way that we use SAP Business One to make more use of the CRM module."

When asked what advice he would give others looking to implement a new system, Himesh simply replied "Use Sapphire!

Media contact: Rachel Unicomb +44 (0)20 7648 2008

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