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JAC Travel

JAC Travel is a privately owned, forward thinking travel group that works closely in partnership with its clients and suppliers around the world. Every aspect of JAC's operation is geared toward speed and efficiency, from their online booking system through to their back office operations. In recent years the company has invested heavily in the latest technology in order to benefit staff and customers alike, enabling the company to provide an extremely wide range of travel related products and services to clients throughout the world.

Due to the successful growth of the company, Financial Director, Steve O'Hara and his team at JAC were struggling with their incumbent financial accounting solution which was integrated with the operations system - and was starting to creak at the seams. The management team came to the conclusion that a pure accounting system would be a more appropriate fit for the company. In addition, JAC had a requirement for their accounting solution to work in 4 different currencies, which the old system was unable to do.

JAC's Financial Controller, Anwer Chandoo, was tasked with sourcing and implementing a new solution. As part of his research he attended a conference and exhibition in London, where he met with Sapphire and was introduced to SunSystems.

Following a comprehensive review process Anwer short-listed SunSystems and MS Dynamics GP before concluding that SunSystems would be the best fit for JAC. In explaining the decision Anwer tells us "In comparison to other systems we felt that SunSystems offered superior reporting and would provide more information on our data. It was also able to cope with the requirements we have for working in multiple currencies and is more user-friendly. The installation period for SunSystems was more or less the same as for MS Dynamics GP, but analysis codes can be developed more easily in SunSystems – plus the licensing structure means that long-term we will save money with SunSystems." He goes on to say "During the initial phases of looking for the right solution, Sapphire's personnel were very professional and presented the software well. They gave us very tailored information and really listened to what we wanted, rather than giving us the hard sell. We were reassured by the approach and felt we could work well with the team at Sapphire."

Commenting on the installation, Anwer said "The Sapphire consultant that implemented and designed our solution was absolutely amazing. He was extremely patient and very efficient – and the implementation took a lot less time than we had anticipated. He also transferred all the relevant data over from our last system which has been a terrific help to us. The roll-out was completed well within the timeframe agreed and we were very confident in the new solution when we started working with it on a day to day basis."

Now that JAC have been using SunSystems for a while, the finance department is benefiting from significant time savings. In addition, they now have complete confidence in all the reports they run, now that data manipulation in Microsoft Excel is no longer a requirement. Anwer comments "The system is very fast and we get great reporting with the SunSystems Vision reporting tool for documents such as supplier statements. We used to prepare these in Excel which could take 4 to 5 days, now it's all done in the click of a button."

JAC have one network covering their sites in London and Scotland, with a total of around 10 people logged into the SunSystems solution throughout the day, and they have had no problems training 2 recent additions to the team in how to use the system. Anwer observes "If you have accounting knowledge then it's pretty obvious how SunSystems works."

The finance team at JAC also benefit from the strong integration links that SunSystems has with other systems. Anwer says "We have integrated SunSystems with our banking system – Barclays Business Master - to good effect and have introduced eConnect from Albany to deal with remittance advice. This was introduced to us by Sapphire and we have found it very time efficient and reliable. Our plans for the future include upgrading our Vision solution to Vision 6 at the beginning of our next financial year."

In describing the level of service JAC receive, and their working relationship with Sapphire, Anwer says "From the time we decided to implement SunSystems, to the present day, we have been very happy with Sapphire. All Sapphire staff are very helpful and the support team in particular are great – they compare very favourably to the support we receive from our other software suppliers and deal with any issues we have right away."

Anwer concludes "If you are looking for a new financial accounting system, I would definitely recommend SunSystems from Sapphire. The solution is user friendly, the reports are excellent and the service provided by Sapphire is outstanding."

Media contact: Rachel Unicomb +44 (0)20 7648 2008 [email protected]

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