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Our software offers functionality designed to meet the challenges of the chemicals industry, from improving batch traceability and quality control to automating production processes and manufacturing orders.

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Why choose chemicals software from Sapphire?

Our industry-leading solutions can help you improve control and visibility over production and address the challenges faced in the industry - in particular, meeting compliance and complex quality control regulations.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Quality control is critical in highly regulated and hazardous industries, such as the chemicals sector. Our dedicated ERP software offers unique manufacturing functionality and ensures compliance and best practice by managing and controlling all relevant business processes. Benefit from:

  • 360 degree batch control and traceability to track the genealogy of ingredients through to the end product
  • Built-in licensing restrictions and quantity parameters to ensure quality assurance and compliance to COSHH and COMAH regulations
  • A Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module for intelligent and responsive re-ordering of stock and forecasting
  • Enhanced visibility over all types of documentation throughout the production process - including work sheets, declarations, method statements and more
  • Streamlined labelling, barcoding, shipping and automated calculation of safe quantities
  • Reduced manual processes and improved document management for safety data sheets and other paper trails


Our software handles the complex and specific requirements needed to meet the challenges faced by process manufacturers.

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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Our asset management application is designed to solve critical operational challenges for the chemicals sector. Infor EAM offers built-in predictive maintenance and visibility over asset performance and provides key business insight. With industry leading capabilities, you’ll be able to:

  • Maximise profitability by recovering costs from tracking asset warranties
  • Avoid costly downtime and stop failures before they occur
  • Streamline the maintenance process to prolong the life of your assets and enhance equipment uptime
  • Improve compliance and operational health & safety
  • Benefit from one unified view of your operations, with the adaptability to align with changing business requirements

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Business Intelligence

Make more informed strategic decisions with our renowned business intelligence solutions. With built-in predictive analysis and the ability to drill down into multiple dimensions of your financial and operation information, you can easily convert raw data into valuable and meaningful information, insights and forecasts.

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In order to maximise efficiency we offer a number of integration options to support the flow of information between your core system and any other third party logistics solutions.

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As a process manufacturer, depending on the level of your business complexity, an additional solution is often required to cover your specific industry requirements.

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The ability to get info out of the system quickly and easily was a key feature for us. We were looking for a 'future-proof' system.

- Stephen Trillo



A collection of five Executive Briefings designed to help you gain the most out of your IT strategy and empower your future decisions. The series covers areas from the benefits of Business Intelligence to the accounting challenges of globalisation.

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