Our software offers functionality specifically designed to manage the challenges faced in the retail industry, from managing inventory and supply chains to maximising sales and customer loyalty.

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Why choose retail solutions from Sapphire?

With a number of high profile retail clients, we understand the need to keep pace with the latest retail management trends and developments and stay ahead of the competition. This requires better insight into retail management inventory and logistics, and the ability to make sure you have the right inventory on hand to meet customer demand.

Our solutions are an excellent fit whether you’re a physical or online retailer (or a combination of both) and we also have the unique ability to implement a complete ERP/B2B e-commerce solution globally.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our low cost, flexible, integrated ERP system is used by leading retailers. It provides every function required for successful business operations, from financial accounting, sales and purchasing to stock control, service management, warehousing and materials resource planning. This ERP system can assist your business by:

  • Improving control over financial, stock and supply chain cycles
  • Automating stock and purchasing replenishment 
  • Tracking customer contacts and purchasing preference 
  • Managing inventory across multiple warehouses and locations and both virtual and physical stores 
  • Reducing inventory costs and stock-outs by ensuring the right products are on the shelves 
  • Better anticipating customer demand to outmanoeuvre your competitors


SAP Business One is our core ERP solution, and a leading recognised product across the retail sector.

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We also offer real time integration modules to link these business systems with external databases, web-stores, third party logistics and courier systems, point of sale and barcode scanning technology.

Magento Integration

Sapphire's Magento integration tool allows seamless integration between SAP Business One and the Magento web store, allowing you to automatically process orders, manage your catalogue and inventory, record transactions and reconcile accounts.

Netalogue Integration

We can also implement and integrate with the Netalogue B2B ecommerce platform, which is powerful, flexible and most importantly affordable to implement and run.

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Business Intelligence

We offer several business intelligence solutions designed to integrate data from any system to simplify the operational reporting process and improve visibility. Incorporating web-based dashboards, predictive analysis, budgeting and financial consolidation, these solutions will help you plan better business strategies.

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Warehouse Management

Sapphire supports and implements various warehouse management tools to provide real-time, 360 degree visibility over your warehouse inventory, including our own powerful handheld barcode scanning application. We can also link with products like Accellos and Valogix to provide richer functionality.

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Multi-lingual and global implementation capabilities


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For most retailers, every day consists of juggling between erratic product and service trends, supply chain networks, customer service, and vendor costs. With all of these pieces up in the air, it can be difficult to maintain focus on your company’s superior performance and profitable growth.

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Small and midsize retailers around the world are seeing their businesses transform in a variety of ways. These firms, typically with fewer than 1,000 employees, have been transforming themselves as customers seek new types of engagement...

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A collection of five Executive Briefings designed to help you gain the most out of your IT strategy and empower your future decisions. The series covers areas from the benefits of Business Intelligence to the accounting challenges of globalisation.

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