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Whether you run a growing sports organisation, or one in the leisure and gaming industry, our software offers functionality specifically designed to manage the challenges faced in the sport and leisure industry.

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Sport & Leisure

Why choose solutions for sport and leisure from Sapphire?

With a number of high profile clients in the sport, gaming and leisure sector, Sapphire understands the need to keep pace and stay ahead of the competition. It is becoming increasingly important to engage customers, members and fans with personalised and relevant experiences. Our solutions can help you uncover insights to streamline management and operations, maximise value from existing sources of revenue, and open doors for new revenue streams.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our fully integrated ERP solution incorporates financial accounting, sales, purchasing, service management and more, making it ideal for mid-size and growing sport and leisure companies. Utilise SAP Business One technology to improve the connection with customers or fans:

  • Integrate customer relationship management to track sponsorship sales, bookings, fan/membership details, transactions, loyalty points etc
  • Analyse sales revenue extensively, maximising existing sources and exploring alternative revenue streams
  • Automate, improve and streamline accounting processes and uncover insights by capturing budgets, forecasts and financial data in a single system
  •  Manage growth on a local and international scale with multicurrency, multi-GAAP and multi-lingual functionality

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Financial Management

Our leading financial management system, Infor SunSystems, can help sport and leisure businesses take a more active role in managing business performance thanks to:

  • Complete financial management including general ledger, sales, purchasing, budgeting and reporting
  • Unrivalled analysis and reporting capabilities (by department, branch, date, region, product, tour and more) to facilitate decision making
  • Web-based work flow and approval functionality to facilitate procurement, expenses, budget and forecasting and uncover trends that are often hidden in detailed data
  • A central source of customer information to deliver high-quality, personal service that fosters loyalty and generates revenue opportunities

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Business Intelligence

Data volumes are exploding within the sport and leisure sector. Business intelligence software helps you unlock the insights buried within this data and improve customer relations or better analyse training, preparation and performance during matches. Utilise self-service and mobile dashboard to drill-down, analyse, visualise and interpret your raw data to improve decision-making.

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Enterprise Asset Management

For those sport and leisure companies with assets to manage, any downtime can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Prolong the life of assets and reduce costs by analysing and prioritising their maintenance and performance thank to our Infor EAM solution.

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Sapphire offers several real-time software integration options to link your financial management or ERP system with your other critical business solutions, such as online retail e-commerce sites, club shops, event/match day ticketing systems, membership systems, hospitality or reservation systems, kiosks, and EPOS or till integration.

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Sport and leisure organisations are real-time enterprises. In order to gain a competitive advantage it is important to know how to leverage large volumes of data and analyse your business to create compelling new customer experiences, build loyalty and improve performance.

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A collection of five Executive Briefings designed to help you gain the most out of your IT strategy and empower your future decisions. The series covers areas from the benefits of Business Intelligence to the accounting challenges of globalisation.

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