About Sapphire


Birst is the only enterprise business intelligence software that eliminates data silos by connecting the entire organisation through an interwoven network of virtualised BI instances and cloud analytics, enabling trusted insights and data-driven business decisions. 

The cloud based platform combines the best of both worlds - the capability, scale and data governance your IT departments needs with the agility, speed and usability of consumer-grade desktop tools. 

With a complete end-to-end platform, Birst delivers accurate, actionable insight in an intuitive, self-service environment, allowing users to combine data from disparate source systems to make trusted, smarter decisions for their business.

What are the benefits of Birst for your business?

  • Power of Cloud BI - Birst’s Cloud BI empowers businesses to solve real problems, fast, without the costs and complexities commonly associated with traditional, on-premise BI deployments.
  • Analytic solutions for every data scenario - Whether you’re an IT professional, Executive or Business User, Birst offers modern BI solutions that support all your business analytic initiatives.
  • Greater data transparency - Birst’s well-integrated environment enables all users to interpret data in a single way - embedded into single-versioned dashboards and charts which means all data is transparent.
  • User-friendly exploration and visualisation - Benefit from an attractive user-friendly interface for data exploration, discovery, and visualisation which can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • High performance and scalability - Work with an analytics platform that will grow with you, capable of supporting the largest data volumes and user communities.
  • Lower total cost of ownership - Eliminate many of the manual tasks and costs traditionally associated with BI, so you can do more with less.

What are the key features of Birst? 

  • Networked Business Intelligence 
  • Powerful analytics 
  • Reporting tools 
  • Dashboards

What industry analysts say:

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