Spindle Professional

Document Management System

Spindle Professional allows you to automatically have documents sent to multiple locations by e-mail, fax and print - in a number of different formats. With over 20,000 users, Spindle is an affordable document management solution that simplifies the entire delivery process with any application, including SAP Business One and Infor SunSystems.

What are the benefits of using Spindle Professional?

Organisations who implement Spindle's document management software are benefitting from:

  • Save time and eliminate errors - merge information from business applications, creating documents for automatic distribution by email, fax or print
  • Reduce costs and save money - add branding and offers in an instant, as well as emailing or faxing documents
  • Enhance your company's image - allows promotions and messages to be quickly added and easily removed for up-to-the minute accuracy
  • Reduce environmental impact - cuts down the amount of paper used by your business
  • Authenticate and protect documents - use PDF digital signatures to assure its recipients that documents have come from an authenticated source and provide evidence should the document be tampered with