What is V1?

V1's document management and imaging software enables automatic document scanning, recognition, storage, archiving, retrieval and delivery of all your business documents directly from your Financial Management System (FMS). 

Using V1's document management software, authorised users can file, index, track, retrieve and distribute documents instantly from their desktop. Automatic links can be set between different document types. The system eliminates risk of document loss from mislaid or misfiled papers. Copies of documents can be retained at different locations for ultimate security, unlike traditional paper-archives.


V1 document management systems and document imaging software ensures an efficient means of creating, capturing, storing, authorising, delivering and managing key business documents.

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What are the benefits to your business?

Organisations who implement V1's document management and imaging solutions are benefitting from:

  • Document production and distribution costs which are slashed when moving to electronic methods
  • The electronic routing of documents for authorisation which removes all the costs associated with internal copying and distribution.
  • Faster purchase invoice processing which results in more timely budget and financial data on which sound business decisions can be made.
  • Reduced requirements for document storage as documents stored electronically free up space occupied by filing cabinets and storage boxes. 
  • Improved levels of business continuity as electronically stored documents can be easily backed up and stored off-site for contingency planning.