B2B e-commerce for SAP Business One

B2B e-commerce opportunities for SMEs are accelerating and we offer the Netalogue B2B e-commerce solution, an enterprise grade platform which fully integrates with various ERP systems, including SAP Business One.

58% of B2B companies have identified e-commerce platforms as an investment priority in 2016

Forrester Research

With over 300 features to suit your requirements, Netalogue can significantly boost your company’s online success and operating efficiencies. The system can be quickly deployed by Sapphire in the form of a new company B2B webstore or secure online ordering portal.


The Netalogue solution extends far beyond basic storefront/cart type systems, which often struggle to cope with the demanding and niche requirements of B2B manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

Advanced features enable your company to receive orders online, promote different catalogues and price lists to trade customers, manage international sales and even facilitate self-service options so your customers can view real-time invoices, statements and pay their account online.

What are the key features of Netalogue?

We offer two versions of the Netalogue solution - a Lite platform designed for smaller enterprises, and a version for larger scale companies. Configurable features include:



  • Personalised ordering experience for different scale customer types
  • Automation of business rules, e-procurement, workflows and punchout
  • Complex price, catalogue, carriage and promotion handling
  • Complex B2B buyer behaviour handling via friendly B2C interfaces
  • Global support, multi-lingual, currency and territory handling options
  • Mobile apps and responsive e-commerce webstore options
  • Real-time e-commerce management and administrator dashboards


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