Infor d/EPM Analytics

Comprehensive analytics functionality allows you to gain valuable insights into the performance of key business areas. It has been designed with the needs of specific micro-verticals in mind, delivering analytics and dashboards that are personalised by industry and business process areas. By connecting strategy, planning, analytics and risk management in one platform, Infor d/EPM provides visibility across critical processes from financials and sales performance to production orders and quality. 

What are the key features of Analytics?

  • Sophisticated multi-dimensional reporting and analysis
  • Unrivalled business intelligence dashboards
  • Pre-built, role-based content 
  • Integrated planning and modelling capabilities 
  • Web and Excel-based interface for ad-hoc reporting and analysis 

What are the benefits of using Analytics? 

  • Centralised data provides you with a complete overview of your business
  • Simple integration with your other business applications
  • Packaged analytics content for key business challenges
  • Tailored content for key verticals
  • Prediction and statistical forecasting
Infor d/EPM Dashboard