Infor d/EPM Compliance

Infor d/EPM allows you to effectively monitor your systems for anomalies and violations of segregation of duties controls, whilst highlighting risks to fully understand their potential impact. With the compliance functionality, you are able to fully monitor transactions, user access and master data - along with the segregation of duties monitoring.

What are the key features of Compliance?

  • KPI's, dashboards and reporting functionality based on users roles
  • Segregation of duties monitoring 
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Application security and access monitoring
  • Risk identification

How will it benefit your business? 

  • Inspect 100% of your data and transactions, across multiple applications and platforms
  • Proactive monitoring of user access rights and best practices for monitoring
  • Segregation of duties best practice implementation
  • Configurable dashboards and personalised reporting for each role/user