Infor d/EPM Financial Performance Management

Infor d/EPM provides you with a single application to manage all of your budgeting, planning and forecasting. It also allows you to seamlessly consolidate multiple sets of books, whilst effectively managing your strategic plans. 

Financial Performance Management key features?

  • Flexible multi-level and multi-scenario budgeting & planning
  • Powerful forecasting and prediction capabilities
  • Both legal and management consolidation of multiple sets of books
  • Multi-currencies and multi-languages support
  • Data entry and publication of reports on the Web

What are the benefits?

  • Create optimal business models quickly and easily
  • Simplified and shortened budgeting 
  • Multi-level and multi-scenario planning
  • Predictive modelling allows you to make better decisions
  • Track results and evaluate performance against your plans

Some of our d/EPM clients:

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