Infor EAM

What is Infor EAM?

Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a powerful application which provides visibility over your asset maintenance and performance, identifies trends from key data, forecasts performance concerns and offers business insight to help improve decision-making.

What are the key features of Infor EAM? 

  • Asset hierarchy management - easily keep track of where assets are located and what they cost
  • Budget management - automate everything relating to your budget
  • Inspection management - get automatic notifications of an asset problem when predetermined levels are exceeded
  • Purchasing management - order the correct parts and stay on top of delivery times, payments and receipt of goods
  • Work management - track and manage all asset work requests, labour, planning and scheduling
  • Materials management - Manage and control storeroom inventories


How will EAM benefit your company?

  • Streamline the maintenance process to prolong the life of your assets and increase productivity
  • Reduce costs by avoiding carrying unneeded inventory
  • Improve reliability and risk management - by accurately anticipating asset reliability and regulatory risks
  • Increase warranty recovery in order to improve tracking of repairs that may be eligible for warranty claims
  • Implement the system on premise or in the cloud and get exactly the same system, not a scaled down version