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Sapphire PowerTools

To help our customers maximise their investment in Infor SunSystems, Sapphire has identified a number of key areas of development that will greatly improve the user experience. Introducing Sapphire PowerTools – a series of unique applications geared towards adding value to your existing SunSystems solution by improving speed, usability and extensibility

Connector for Concur & Infor SunSystems

A configurable, automated interface enabling Infor SunSystems users to seamlessly plug-in and integrate Concur solutions with their SunSystems financial suite. The interface provides data validation , error management and audit trail recording to help guarantee corporate compliance.

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Account Enquiry

Account Enquiry from Sapphire is a one-stop application designed to offer more user-friendly data enquiry functionality. It allows you to access the information you need from SunSystems quickly, without the need for complicated workarounds.

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Journal and Payment Reversal

SunSystems won’t reverse a journal that has already been allocated, but our module will warn that the original has been allocated, and should the user choose to proceed it will post the reversal with no allocation markers - a valuable feature.

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Master Data Workflow

This module enables SunSystems users to enter (and have approved by an authorised person or persons) a library of master data types including account codes, supplier accounts/addresses on-boarding, customer accounts/addresses on-boarding, analysis codes, bank details.

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Transactional Workflow

This module enables SunSystems users to enter journal and payment run transactions (and have them approved by an authorised person of persons).

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Bank Details Workflow

This module enables SunSystems users to monitor new or amended bank detail records (and have them approved by an authorised person or persons). Email notifications of any changes can be sent to specific authorisers stating what the change was, who made it, and when.

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