Infor Query & Analysis

Infor Query and Analysis (Q&A) for Infor SunSystems is a dynamic, multi-language, multi-currency business intelligence reporting tool that is powerful, secure, flexible, and easy to use. Using familiar desktop applications, you can quickly and efficiently create and analyse reports that target the information you seek by highlighting trends, patterns, and exceptions.

What are the key features of Infor Q&A?

  • Q&A Alert allows you to automate reporting for increased efficiency and on-time reporting
  • Q&A Executive provides direct, browser-based access to application data from a familiar desktop environment
  • Q&A Word helps integrate with Microsoft Word to provide comprehensive report writing capability 
  • Q&A XL helps link your data from multiple sources with Microsoft Excel 

What is Infor Q&A Evolve?

  • Q&A Evolve is an enhanced web based version of Q&A, with a focus on reporting and analysis from with Excel. 
  • Q&A Evolve BI Dashboards is a web or app based interface used to drill down into transactional details.