Time & Expense

Infor SunSystems

Infor SunSystems Time & Expense allows you to control project accounting, resource management, billing and time & expense management. This helps to improve staff use, optimise cash flow and increase revenue.

What are the key features of Time & Expense?

  • Project repository and multi-currency manager
  • Comprehensive time, expense and billing functionality - so your workers can log time & expenses whilst on the move
  • Billing and intra-company charging - in multiple currencies
  • The system is fully managed by users and so is not reliant on IT
  • Extended analysis dimensions in order to identify areas that can be improved

What are the benefits of Time & Expense?

  • Schedule the correct resources at the right time, to the right place
  • Accurately record time and expenses to improve revenue recovery and improve staff utilisation 
  • Ensure accurate and timely billing and recovery
  • Built by experts with personal experience of managing services-led businesses
  • Easily adjust system for changing requirements (new project, division, subsidiary)