SAP BusinessObjects for SAP Business One

We have developed and packaged our SAP BusinessObjects offerings based around SAP Business One using our extensive experience in understanding customer needs. This packaged solution provides you with the jump start to have you up and running in days rather weeks. 

What are our pre-defined BusinessObjects packages?

  • SAP Business One Data Warehouse 

The BusinessObjects One Data Warehouse package includes data warehouse which consolidates the information from various SAP Business One companies and enables multi-company reporting instantly. This data warehouse also can be extended to included data from external applications such as Salesforce, websites etc. 

  • SAP Business One Universe 

Our ready to use Business One Universe allows getting instant answers to your business questions and taking action on the fly. This looks across the SAP Business One companies. Users don’t need to understand the technical details behind SAP Business One database 

  • Dashboards 

Our pre-built dashboards provides holistic, actionable views of your business. This allows directors to monitor performance across their organisation with key performance indicators (KPIs), visualise trends and use “what if” analysis to understand the impact of business change. 

  • Web Intelligence Reports 

Using SAP Business One Universe, you can develop the Web Intelligence reports without seeking help from IT.