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An easy way for the oilfield services industry to see the whole picture

Whether you work in the oil and gas industry, oilfield construction, oilfield product manufacturing, well servicing or equipment rental, FieldVu is the only tool you need for every project.

In these industries the key to success is knowing whether you’re making or losing money on a given project – however many companies can’t tell this information until after a project is complete. With this unique industry solution, powered by SAP Business One, you can follow profitability in real time, managing your projects and budgets as they happen.

Many companies would rather rent equipment than buy it. Fieldvu makes it easy to schedule, dispatch and track your equipment, so you’ll always know what’s out, who has it, where it is and when it’s due back.

Product functionality and benefits

  • Increase efficiency and profitability by ensuring third party project costs are accurately reflected
  • Real-time visibility into the profitability of any job, project or work order
  • Proactively track costs for materials, maintenance, labour and third-party activity, down to the pennies
  • Electronic field ticketing to accurately and seamlessly unite billing, costing and payroll
  • Removal of duplicate data entry in multiple systems
  • Electronic billing function to improve cash flow
  • Easily capture what it costs to operate your equipment, where your assets are, and how well they are being utilised
  • Labour monitoring – including time spent on jobs, any incidents that occurred, and employee certification expiries

Spend less time looking for information and more time managing the growth of your business.

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