Did you know?

In the professional services industry, only 23% of IT companies are able to bill 80% work-time.

- Decision Tree Labs

About Sapphire


Project management and professional services automation

With MARIProject, small and medium-sized businesses can comprehensively control their projects. Manage everything from calculation, planning, resource management, purchasing, time recording and billing, to analysis and reports.

MARIProject helps you to calculate projects economically and edit and evaluate projects up to the current day, without losing time transferring data to other systems. While you are planning resources and capacities in the Gantt view, MARIProject automatically adds the relevant costs and revenues. In addition to a flexible module for recording time and travel expenses, the solution includes a web-based support desk for the efficient processing of software tickets and service dashboards for on-site customer service, e.g. product maintenance.

The solution integrates with SAP Business One to provide a clear view of the economic success of your projects. Crucial data is available at your fingertips via flexible reports, which are easy to design. For this reason, MARIProject with SAP Business One is the optimal solution for project-driven small and medium-sized businesses.

Key Features

  • Project cost estimate - with individually definable calculation standards
  • Project planning - graphical chart with phase structure, milestones, dependencies, resource pools and capacity availability
  • Purchase process - with project-related comparison of quotations and visualised purchase status
  • Web-based recording of time and travel expenses - taking into account different working time calendars, a posting block in case of exceedance of capacities, and automatically generated lists of hours
  • Web-based support desk and service dashboard - for customer service with password protected customer access
  • Supports all common types of billing methods - such as fixed price, billing at cost, down payments or milestones (including work in progress calculation and internal distribution)
  • Project controlling – alongside standard analysis and reports, users are able to define their own reports with graphical representations

“Our productivity was so much better that we could absorb 50% more business without staffing up. And with all the new visibility, we were able to increase our chances of seizing the most profitable opportunities.”

- CSDnet