SAP Business One Reporting

What does the SAP Business One Reporting Tool do?

SAP Business One Reporting allows you to create reports that provide you with snapshots of key performance indicators. A large number of pre-defined reports provides you with the ability to build reports quickly and easily.  

What are the benefits of SAP Business One Reporting to your business?

  • Quick and insightful reporting using the powerful combination of SAP Business One with SAP Crystal Reports
  • Q&A XL is an intuitive add-in for Microsoft Excel that provides a faster, easier and more adaptable way to extract data from SAP Business One.
  • Generate detailed reports quickly and easily across financials, sales, customers, inventory, etc
  • Reduction in costs due to the reduction in the time and effort required to create reports and less dependence on IT 
  • Improved access to critical business information 

What are SAP Business One Reporting's key features?

  • The ability to access data from multiple sources, create new reports and customise existing ones
  • Easily export reports to a number of formats that best suit your business requirements
  • Create reports in a variety of layouts with interactive drill downs
  • Perform what-if scenario modelling directly in reports
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