SAP Business One Sales Invoicing

What does SAP Business One Sales Invoicing do?

SAP Business One Sales module features extensive functionality across the entire sales process, from creating quotations, to invoicing, document drafts and printing. It allows you to view key sales analysis through interactive dashboards and will handle all sales documentation - as well as calculating gross profit for every quotation created. 

Which key features will SAP Business One Sales Invoicing help with?

  • Simplify the quotation issuing process by automating functions
  • The order functionality allows you to enter customer orders, automatically reserve items and notify warehouse of the delivery date
  • Automated invoices allows for faster payment transaction and allows for better investment planning
  • Auto summary wizard summarises all of your former accounts receivable documents related to your customers, into one invoice 

What are the SAP Business One Sales Invoicing benefits to your business?

  • Simplify sales order entry by accessing stock data across multiple warehouses
  • Easily generate the necessary packaging documentation for all goods shipped to the customer
  • Easily handle returns using the returns documents
  • Manage all accounts receivable invoices and credit memos
  • Group all existing sales documents in a single invoice for a given customer and easily print sales and purchasing documents accordingly
  • Handle multiple dunning letters per customer and maintain a dunning history for each customer
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