SAP Business One Service Management

What is SAP Business One Service Management?

SAP Business One Service Management helps you maintain excellent customer relations, by providing the support for your businesses service, sales and contract management. The module allows you to manage the interaction between service representatives and customers, as well as maintain all information exchanged.

What are SAP Business One Service Management main features?

  • Enter and respond to service calls quickly, provide support to service operations, customer interaction and resource management in order to improve service call management
  • The central knowledge database allows you to easily access problems and key solutions
  • Efficiently manage warranty and service contract to ensure timely and accurate execution of contractual terms, helping you to reduce costs
  • Service reports and analysis allows you to create detailed reports that can be turned into actionable information and results

How will the service management module benefit my business?

  • Improve operations efficiency - by automating service and contract management
  • Faster response to customer calls and enquiries, along with improved problem-resolving functionalities, improves customer satisfaction
  • Timely, accurate data on all sales and service processes -  ensuring that you have everything you need to make faster, better business decisions
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