About Sapphire

SAP Lumira

Simple yet advanced analytics

SAP Lumira is easy-to-use data visualisation software that allows you to gather and quickly make sense of large volumes of business information. By combining and visualising data from multiple sources, you are presented with an overall view of your business, but with access to granular insights where required.

Leave inefficient spreadsheets behind and benefit from the ability to easily acquire, merge and filter data in real time, and visually represent this information via maps, graphs, tables and more.

Key benefits of SAP Lumira

  • Empower business users of all skill levels to uncover patterns and trends
  • Maximise business knowledge thanks to real-time, vivid insights
  • Enable self-service analytics without adding to your IT team’s workload
  • Reduce IT costs and complexity by running the solution on standard hardware
  • Understand and represent what you want to measure i.e. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a visually appealing way
  • Viewing a measure by country, region, city or more; allowing for comparison across different geographic areas
  • Analyse data from a multitude of sources
  • Easily articulate insights and share engaging visualisations
  • Highlight specific data points to better emphasise your message - meaning that there is less need for explanations on top of your visualisations