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About Sapphire

Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse efficiency is a critical success factor to effectively manage your supply chain and achieve peak performance. Implementation of the latest technologies can significantly improve warehouse operations, employee productivity and customer satisfaction. By installing the right warehouse management software and realigning how your warehouse interacts with your employees, customers and vendors, you can streamline your warehouse operations whilst achieving a high return on investment.



Through automatic forecasting, replenishing and optimising, Valogix software can ensure that inventory is managed more efficiently, as well as meeting the demands of customers and suppliers at a much lower cost. Learn more about Valogix here >



Accellos provides businesses with the right solution to resolve your warehousing issues, whether it be needing to improve efficiency or possibly wanting to expand operations to multiple warehouses - Accellos provides a full multi-warehouse visibility. Learn more about Accellos here > 


Sapphire Warehousing Inventory Management (SWIM)

The Sapphire Warehouse Inventory Management software is a powerful handheld scanning mobile application that allows you to effectively manage your warehouse.

SWIM integrates with SAP Business One to provide real-time 360 degree visibility over your warehouse inventory. This barcode scanning solution supports goods receipts and returns, pick and pack locations, stock transfers and production - making it an essential tool for ensuring your warehouse is operating efficently

Feaures & benefits

  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Increased order fulfillment capacity without increasing headcount
  • Availability to meet customer specific requirements
  • Improved order fulfilment accuracy and speed
  • Reduced order picking times
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Increased visibility over all warehouse processes
  • Reduction in shipping errors