“With the Accellos and SAP software systems in constant automated communication there is almost no opportunity for errors. We wanted a solution that would integrate with a Class One ERP system and provide increased productivity, maximum-levels of inventory and delivery accuracy, clarity of data, and overall reductions in the cost of doing business. We’ve achieved all of these objectives.”

David Patriquin, Senior Manager and IT Specialist, Stenek Corporation

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

AccellosOne WMS is a powerful, flexible, real-time warehousing solution that helps businesses improve productivity and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and fulfilment times, in order to deliver a rapid return on investment.

AccellosOne provides a total supply chain solution, integrating seamlessly with various electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, business intelligence solutions or shipping, ecommerce or finance systems, such as SAP Business One.

Offering rich features and functionality, this solution automates and streamlines warehousing processes, eliminating manual order checking and allowing you to process more orders, more accurately.

AccellosOne tracks every single movement of stock in, out and within the warehouse, from the receiving dock through to the shipping dock. Plus there are three editions available to meet the needs of all businesses, regardless of size.

"Warehouse managers have found even a 2 - 5% improvement across various performance metrics can mean hundreds of thousands of pounds in bottom-line returns for your business."

How can AccellosOne benefit your business? 

Improved accuracy - Achieve over 99% order and inventory accuracy and 80-85% less inventory loss

Tighter control - Increase outbound shipment volumes by 15%, doubling your orders per day. Reduce picking times by 20% and triple the number of lines picked

Improved productivity – Increase speed of warehouse operations and employee productivity, keep personnel costs low

Visibility from anywhere - AccellosOne's web-centric design allows internal and external users visibility over the status of warehouse operations

Seamless integration – The solution’s integration framework makes it easy to communicate with other systems

Fast ROI - Low ownership cost and faster return on investment (as little as 4-12 months)

What are the key features of AccellosOne WMS

  • Highly configurable system with advanced functionality as standard
  • Integrated shipping and EDI/ASN compliance
  • Wireless picking and receiving
  • Order management and lots/serial/expiration management
  • Multiple picking strategies
  • Container receiving and carton splitting
  • Multi-location/site transfer and much more

Find Out More

To find out more about AccellosOne WMS, read the warehouse management whitepaper or contact us.