Our Solutions

We are committed to delivering outstanding product solutions to our customers by offering a wide range of software solutions to help you manage your business functions with greater efficiency.

Our SAP Solutions


SAP is the market leader in creating business enterprise applications for organisations worldwide. Sapphire offers:

  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business One OnDemand
  • SAP HANA for SAP Business One
  • SAP Business One for Subsidiaries


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Our Infor Solutions


Infor creates award-winning accounting solutions to help you run your finances better. Sapphire offers:

  • Infor SunSystems
  • Infor EAM
  • Infor XM
  • Infor BI


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Our other solutions


MaxiSun is a powerful and easy to use software integration module that connects any third party business application with your existing ERP or FMS solutions. 

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Sapphire Enhance

Sapphire's technical development team have worked on creating a series of add-on programs designed to heighten the efficiency of your software, reduce work load and improve on any unique problems that your organisation might face. 

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