speech-icon.gif"Sapphire's consultants were fantastic. The right people can make all the difference at that stage.."

Jackie Delves - Horizon Hobby

About Sapphire


We manage a highly experienced and resourceful consultancy team, with significant expertise in global implementations. Many of our consultancy staff are fluent in at least two languages, and come from an accounting or business management background. The market-leading services we offer are listed below:

Implementation services 

Sapphire's team recognizes its responsibility to ensure that every step of the implementation process runs smoothly, so Sapphire is there to support:

  • Project Management, system specification and scoping. 
  • System design, technical and application management. 
  • Installllation, configuration and infrastructure optimization. 
  • Risk assessment and troubleshooting. 
  • System and User Acceptance Testing. 
  • Implementation Documentation. 
  • End-User Training and 'Go-Live' Support.


Integration services

As businesses evolve, they can through various processes such as mergers, downsizing, decentralizing, expansion, to name a few, and this can result in systems that are not integrated or reconciled. Sapphire offers integration services that will allow your company to:

  • Improve operational efficiency 
  • Reduce operational costs 
  • Reduce risk of human errors 
  • Increased control over processes and operations
  • Improve integrity and control over transactional operations 


Customization services 

Sapphire's Technical Development Team can help integrate your existing software solutions with those that we supply – meaning you can increase the value of the systems you've already got, you can eradicate re-keying errors and you can substantially reduce your administrative and operating costs. In addition, the team can develop specific functionality for your company or industry specific processes.

Upgrade services

Sapphire's upgrade service ensures that any application and technology upgrades are efficiently and effectively implemented. This allows you to take full advantage of new functionality as soon as it has been released. Our team tests every upgrade before offering it to ensure that it matches Sapphire's own level of quality assurance. Our service will help to minimize the risks arising from changes to key business systems, while maximizing the benefits of new system features.

The Sapphire upgrade service includes:

  • Review of requirements for the upgrade. 
  • An upgrade plan detailing the work necessary to meet these requirements
  • Installllation of new software on the required platform 
  • Data mapping and migration 
  • Implementation of any necessary changes to the configuration
  • Trouble-shooting Acceptance testing and user training.