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About Sapphire

Expense Management Software

Most organizations process hundreds or thousands of employee expenses every month including petty cash claims, out of pocket expenses and credit card receipts. The cost of completing, authoring, reconciling, re-checking, adjusting VAT and re-keying this data into a finance system is tedious, inefficient and costly.

With Expense Management Software from Sapphire, businesses can streamline their expense processes, remove potential for guess work and human errors. This then ensures the accuracy and completeness of the data for internal reporting and taxation compliance.

Our Expense Management Solutions


[email protected]

[email protected] enables businesses to have a complete expense and credit card transaction online, automate the approval routing and ensures that the transactions are transferred directly into a range of financial accounting systems without any further data entry. Find out more about [email protected]



iDocuments is an integrated web browser, cloud and mobile self-service business application that streamlines, simplifies and standardizes business and financial related processes. Find out more about iDocs