Infor Enterprise Asset Management Overview

Manage your assets effectively with Infor EAM

Infor EAM significantly improves your insight into the asset performance, costs and regulatory compliance. With this increased insight comes the opportunity to achieve an even greater return on your investment in property, vehicles, plant, and equipment. Infor EAM by Sapphire Systems global solutions helps you to identify potential operational issues and help uncover hidden profits, which makes it one of the most important solutions within your business. This solution is a perfect fit for manufacturing, life sciences, facilities, transportation, utilities and the oil & gas sector.

The potential impact of EAM is enormous.

  • 20% reduction in energy consumption 
  • Reduce emission of pollutants, helping to meet regulatory mandates and strengthening your company's Green business practices
  • 5% of capacity lost due to poorly managed maintenance practices 
  • 10% of capital budget often spent on unnecessary replacement of assets due to premature failure 
  • 30% excess inventory held because of a lack of understanding of asset consumption 
  • 10% additional inventory held because of a lack of asset standards and no guidance on planned obsolescence decision-making 
  • 20% excess MRO spend because the consumables, spares and repair strategies are not implemented by asset criticality classification 
  • 5% extra labor costs per day or an average of 30 minutes per day per maintenance resource wasted because of the inability to quickly source and locate materials