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About Sapphire

Payroll software

The challenges faced in the payroll department

Whilst the principle of paying employees accurately and on time is fairly simple, the reality of managing the process is not. This is because a number of factors can change the process at an instant, for example, staff changes, PAYE, NI contributions, legislations and compliance, overtime expenses, to name but a few.

What to expect from a payroll solution

  • A payroll solution is designed to ensure that monies are paid accurately and on time, making all of the necessary calculations with the minimum of input from the subscriber. This saves time, administrative costs and the risk of errors.
  • It will ensure the archiving of year-end reports and payslips - in case you need this information at a later date
  • The software will give you valuable insights into staff expenses, helping you to make better decisions. 

Our payroll solution


EARNIE Payroll

EARNIE Payroll is a scalable, integrated, easy-to-use payroll solution that will help you reduce the time and efforts taken to accurately administrate payroll. Over 9,000 businesses worldwide are already using EARNIE and benefiting from its extensive reporting functionality. Find out more about how EARNIE Payroll can benefit your business >