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About Sapphire

Software Integration 

Over the years organizations often amass a variety of different IT systems which sit isolated in different offices, business units or divisions. Many are custom-built databases written in an obsolete or inflexible programming language, unable to meet today's business imperatives: cross-system data duplication routines, management alerts and exception reporting, automated data transfer and systems integration.


BPA Platform

A business process automation suite designed to extend SAP Business One and automate processes and integrate business systems quickly and easily. Learn more about BPA Platform here



New and innovative platform which uses both cloud and mobile technology to provide low-cost access to SAP Business One in order to better update and manage the system. Learn more about Enterpryze here



MaxiSun is a powerful, easy to use 'plug & play' interface module, that connects any third party business application with SunSystems, SAP Business One & other Finance/ERP systems. Learn more about MaxiSun here