SAP Business One - Executive

SAP Business One allows immediate notification and automatic response to important business events through user-programmed workflow-based alerts. The system allows you to create powerful reports from every aspect of your business including customer and supplier debt, sales, cash flow, customer contact summaries, warehouse stock, financial statements, pricing, customer activity and more.
Reporting: create reports and initiate corrective actions immediately afterwards - includes accounting reports, enterprise reports, stock reports, financial reports and reports to aid decision making, all of which can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Drag and relate: provides all levels with end-to-end visibility of complete operations and the ability to instantly understand key relationships and transactions within the business.

Query generator: is a 'point and shoot' query generation tool for creating database queries and defining reports. The data from any field can be used to create a detailed or summary report.

Query Wizard: is similar to the query generator, but it allows users to generate queries using a wizard to step them through the process.

Integral business intelligence - Immediate notification and automatic response to important business events
  • Managers can receive business event alerts
  • Business alerts automatically trigger workflow processes
  • Notify a user of a discrepancy or an event they are monitoring within the organisation.
  • Alerts can provide internal (on-line) information according to each employee's role in the company.
  • Each time a threshold is crossed a real-time alert will trigger the user that requested the notification.
  • 'Drill-downs' provide instant visibility on what triggered the alerts, to enable fully-informed decisions.
  • Establish unique workflow processes, including the approvals, procedures and steps that are automatically initiated, allowing managers to instantly respond to the event.
  • Open integration - Ability to cost-effectively grow with the needs of the business
  • Easily adapted to changing business requirements at the managers' user interface
  • Users can save their preference for forms, queries and reports
  • Easily integrate with other applications
  • The architecture allows management alerts to affect transactions and workflows in other applications
  • Managers can implement changes instantaneously, enabling the solution to quickly fit the business
  • Re-integrate modification into new versions of the solutions with minimal effort, eliminating costs typically associated with upgrades
  • SAP Business One's modules:

    SAP Business One CRM module SAP Business One Financials module SAP Business One Inventory module SAP Business One Production module

    SAP Business One Purchasing module SAP Business One Service Management SAP Integration SAP Business One 9.0