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What is an ERP Software Solution?

ERP Software Solutions

Many of us may have heard the term ERP, but may not realise what a positive difference an Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solution can make for a business.

ERP software allows businesses to manage a wide range of computer-based systems from external and internal resources such as human resources, financial resources and materials. An ERP system works to allow information between all the functions of a business to flow smoothly within the company, as well as to outside areas of the business for example stakeholders.

The basic function of ERP software is to consolidate all business functions into a uniform package – a system that will allow many companies to conduct business even more professionally and successfully.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an integrated finance and business management solution - that gives you the means to operate your business from one set of numbers. SAP Business One includes everything you need to manage your business: Financials, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Banking, Inventory, CRM, Opportunity Management, Production, Service Management, HR and Reporting. An ideal ERP System for long term growth.

Popular Commercial Uses

ERP software is used by a wide range of businesses. These are some of the most common functions and areas in which an ERP system is utilised:

• Supply Management – inventories, ordering, buying, supplier schedules, claims, calculating commissions, ordering cash and inspecting goods
• Finance and accounting – managing cash, general ledgers, fixed assets, for accounts both payable and receivable
• Manufacturing – orders of work, scheduling, managing workflow, quality control, manufacturing project and processes, measuring capacity, engineering
• Human Resources – rosters and rotas, training sessions, attendance records, performance reviews, benefit systems.
• Project Management – billing, costs, expenditures
• Customer Services – sales and marketing, services, email marketing, support services, commissions

Advantages of Using ERP Solutions

Without an ERP system in place, many businesses soon find themselves with several inadequate, disparate software applications. This leads to time wasted re-keying information into several systems (which is open to human error) and a multitude of systems and support contracts to be managed, along with the associated costs. Even if systems can be linked together, an upgrade on one system can cause problems, or mean that all systems need to be upgraded – at a significant cost.

With ERP software in place these problems are removed as the single, comprehensive system runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing businesses to run at a better performance level and grow at an improved rate. Many users of ERP solutions are able to increase productivity, without adding headcount, and benefit from improved reporting capabilities so that effective, informed management decisions can be made in a timely manner.

Inventories can be kept up to date with ease as the ERP software works hard to ensure that accurate forecasting is simple to access. It eliminates the need to synchronise changes between different systems as all types of applications can be consolidated (HR, sales, marketing, finance and more). Order tracking and engineering designs are also basic offerings with ERP software and the revenue cycle will be far simpler to handle. An ERP system also cuts down on the risk of losing sensitive data as it consolidates security modules and multiple permissions into just one structure. Whatever type of business you have,Sapphire's ERP solutions and global erp support will allow you to grow your business and run it at a far superior level.

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