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Ecommerce self-service for SAP Business One

Ecommerce self-service for SAP Business One

We explain how ecommerce ‘self-service’ can offer your customers what they really want

Ecommerce websites are increasingly important for companies striving for significant improvements to sales and customer service levels. But there’s far more to providing customers with a compelling ecommerce experience than just allowing them the ability to order your products online.

Traditionally, access to a wide range of services would have involved customers waiting in a telephone queue to speak to a member of your customer support or finance teams. But with huge time pressures on business customers, their expectations and appetite to use ‘self-service’ tools has increased significantly.

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Are you a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler that’s currently unable to offer customers the ability to view copies of their invoices or make account payments online? Then below are some of the reasons why your customers would benefit from being able to serve themselves online, when they want, and without human intervention and delays.

  1. Customers can instantly access copy invoices and account statements from your website – this means they can view them when and where they want. Furthermore, they don’t have to waste time ringing their accounts department or waiting in line on the phone to your finance team.
  1. Invoice payments can be made by your customers online – this can prevent issues relating to agreed credit limits being exceeded, which can delay orders being processed.
  1. Multi-channel order histories can be viewed online – regardless of whether the order was placed online or via the phone, this gives your customer complete visibility of their company spend and purchase activity.
  1. Goods returns managed online – this can automate the large elements of the process, making it less dependent on manual interventions and at the same time enforcing important validation controls.
  1. Scheduling of orders and deliveries – this offers business customers the ability to specify different delivery dates and quantities, affording them the option to place a smaller number of larger orders in the knowledge they have the flexibility to manage deliveries into their own warehouses, on their own terms.
  1. Increase levels of consistent customer service, satisfaction and loyalty – our ecommerce solution for SAP Business One ensures your customers receive the same great experience every single time by removing variables such as unanswered telephones, out of office replies and opening hours from the equation.
  1. Significantly reduce operational costs – this is achieved by streamlining existing manual business processes and the time it takes your staff to process mundane, repetitive tasks.
  1. Get paid quicker – this encourages customers to pay your invoices instantly online so you receive faster payments and reduce your average debtor days. A good tip is to promote the self-service facility on your invoices and statements.
  1. Encourage more customers to use the webstore – extending your online facilities to include self-service is a great way of encouraging business customers who are maybe reticent to placing orders online. Getting them used to accessing the site, to view invoices for example, could be the key to increasing the likelihood they’ll also start using your online systems to place orders.
  1. Create a positive service differentiator from your competitors – manufacturers and distributors who increase customer engagement and successfully create unique, online value propositions will build levels of market share in their target markets.

If you are interested in learning more about Sapphire’s Netalogue B2B ecommerce platform for SAP Business One, please contact us at info@sapphiresystems.com

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