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How can SAP HANA help improve your business efficiency?

How can SAP HANA help improve your business efficiency?

In an age where businesses need to move fast in the market and cannot afford to wait when making key decisions, instant access to real-time company data is essential.

One of the main challenges faced by businesses is the ability for traditional data storage systems to process and present the data in a quick and efficient manner. When data starts to accumulate, disk-based systems begin to struggle under the volume of information, resulting in significant lag time between the gathering of and insight into data.

With SAP HANA from Sapphire Systems, the global number one SAP Business One partner, businesses are able to benefit from real-time decision making due to the quick and easy creation of ad-hoc views on business. The speed of transactional information flow in areas such as planning, forecasting and pricing helps accelerate business performance. By improving IT efficiency with SAP HANA, your business can cut down on total costs, gain new insights into your company through having the ability to analyse large volumes of data and design and own your own analytical models, thus reducing your reliance on IT to help increase business productivity.

SAP HANA restructures the data storage and processing model by providing a multi-purpose, in-memory appliance, allowing organisations to access their business data in an instant. This quick insight enables organisations to make better, informed and faster decisions – whilst requiring less reliance on IT to gain the insight needed. The system is built to manage large volumes of information by hosting data separately, allowing direct access to operational data without affecting the performance of the operational system.

The streamlined workflow system allows direct access to detailed line items, as well as analytic models for more complex processing. It delivers ground-breaking in memory innovations, over 300x faster analytics capabilities and real-time access to transactional data.

Sapphire is hosting a seminar on Thursday 23rd October which will demonstrate SAP Business One powered by HANA. This session will also showcase how your business can:

• Accelerate business performance
• Increase Business productivity
• Improve IT efficiency
• Unlock new insights

Please join us to find out more. Please contact Rachel Unicomb for more details on 020 7648 2000 or email: rachel.unicomb@sapphiresystems.com.

If you would like any further information on how we can help your business run like never before, please contact us on info@sapphiresystems.com or 020 7648 2000.

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