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New features and benefits of SAP Business One v9.1

New features and benefits of SAP Business One v9.1

Here at Sapphire, we are producing a number of short videos to highlight the major new functionality available in the latest version of SAP Business One, and the resultant benefits for your company. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for updates, but for now here are the highlights:

Batch and serial inventory cost valuation
The cost of an item can now be managed on the serial or batch number level, with a new batches and serials inventory audit report available. As a result, profitability can be calculated on this level and cost variances can be reflected in the end product profitability.

Copy and paste from Excel functionality
You can now copy and paste more than one row to speed up transaction processing, reducing the need for the data transfer workbench to perform simple copy and paste requirements. This functionality is available across pricelists, marketing documents and journals.

Ability to customise windows
Easily hide, activate and relocate fields. Such personalisation can be adapted per user to enhance the user experience and productivity while improving security, as users can only view/edit information if they are authorised.

Procurement opportunity management
Keep track of procurement projects or tender processes that require long negotiations with a vendor. Manage the different stages (including documents, stakeholders and more) to reduce the complexity of procurement processes and ensure an overview of activities.

Multiple branches
You can now operate multiple branches within the same database; create documents for different branches, separate financial transactions by branch, manage bank transactions from the same database (with centralised payment capability) and more. This ability to manage the business by branches increases your transparency.

Permission groups
Define role-based authorisations in SAP Business One. Administrators can create permission groups and assign authorisations and users, reducing the effort required in regards to user administration.

Resources module and production enhancements
This new module allows you to manage and plan resource capacity, and easily capture a picture of the costs associated with labour or other resources. This visibility over available resource capacity allows your business to avoid bottlenecks and optimise its production plan.

Simplified email and printing
Communicate documents to partners or other stakeholders more effectively thanks to the ability to email out to groups of email addresses. For example you may create an ‘accounts’ group so you can send invoices to more than one person.
See this functionality in action on our You Tube channel, or contact us for more information about the benefits of upgrading.

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