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Top 10 reasons to choose Infor SunSystems as your financial management solution

Top 10 reasons to choose Infor SunSystems as your financial management solution


Infor SunSystems is a powerful financial accounting solution that connects seamlessly with organisational systems and provides you with a centralised, real-time view of data across the entire enterprise. Here are ten reasons why you should choose Infor SunSystems as your financial management solution.

1: Infor SunSystems provides full financial functionality across your business

Develop a financial overview of your company in order to control costs, mitigate risk and gain business insight for improved decision-making. Capture financial and business details from a high level company overview down to transactional levels. Don’t wait on IT for information, obtain current, critical information anytime, anywhere you want.

“SunSystems sells itself on being a single ledger, multi-currency system and that’s hugely important. We didn’t need an expensive or cumbersome solution, we wanted something simple and flexible that was multi-currency, and SunSystems met that need.”
Tony Calderley, IT Consultant, Pan Ocean


2: Infor SunSystems offers a fast return on investment

With Infor SunSystems you can conduct streamlined reporting and financial analysis within a single integrated environment, capturing the detail required to gather a clear, complete image of your business. When using disparate systems, this process can take multiple employees days to configure and correlate, however with Infor SunSystems, the data is available anytime thanks to simpler reporting and analysis functionality. Take control with the unified ledger, which gives you fast, easy access to smart transactions that deliver not just data, but detailed information with context that you define.

“Infor SunSystems is really doing exactly what we expected it to and that’s great for us. It is not overly complicated to use or train new users on, and has saved us a great deal of time by eliminating our manual workarounds.”
Colin Waters, Finance Director, Marlin Financial


3: Infor SunSystems is the global leading financial management solution

Infor SunSystems has over 30 years of financial experience built in, and is utilised by over 9,000 customers in more than 190 countries. The system mirrors how you do business and provides one consistent data set, so no matter how global your company aspires to be, Infor SunSystems will be able to accommodate your needs.

“In my mind Infor SunSystems is a very good dedicated financial package on the market for mid-sized companies. It is very user-friendly and meets all the requirements of an accounting solution; it is an excellent fit for Seven Investment Management.”
Jamie Duncan, Finance Manager, Seven Investment Management


4: Infor SunSystems will grow with your company

With the ability to meet your needs today, but innovative and flexible enough to evolve with your company, Infor SunSystems offers opportunities for growth. It does more than cover basic requirements like multiple languages and currency, offering advanced features such as four-dimensional multi-currency and parallel accounting treatments. With Infor SunSystems you’ll get everything you need to unite information across different sites, countries, business units, companies, and corporate offices. Plus you can standardise financial management across countries, comply with multiple regulatory and reporting requirements and expand internationally without adding new systems.

“Now we are one large housing association consolidated around a single system rather than a complex structure of varying financial solutions. SunSystems is a system we can trust, and that integrates easily with our other solutions such as HR, payroll and professional advantage tools used for bank reconciliation and debt collection. This has allowed us to simplify our accounting practices.”
Robert Stewart, Business Systems Manager, AmicusHorizon


5: Infor SunSystems provides security for the future

Infor has developed SunSystems extensively over the decades, and continue to draw upon their extensive experience in financial accounting to ensure the system remains at the forefront of technology. Developments have enabled cross-application process flows, intuitive social collaboration, and a more intuitive user interface with the introduction of Infor 10x. Ensuring that Infor SunSystems adapts and evolves with the market offers companies the support and stability required to grow.

“SunSystems is a good mid-range package and is a tried and tested system. It has been around for a long time and has plenty of reference sites. I had not only been involved with a SunSystems implementation before, but had used it as an end-user, so knew from first hand experience that it is a good system.”
Jonathan Dunstan, Project Manager, InfraRed Capital Partners


6: Infor SunSystems deployment options

Infor SunSystems has multiple deployment options ranging from on premise, cloud and hybrid. The flexibility of the software allows your company to choose the most appropriate deployment for your needs.


7: Infor SunSystems specialises in various industries

Infor SunSystems is adaptable and flexible, enabling it to be used in over 100 vertical markets. The product offers specific functionality for a variety of industries including oil and gas, not for profit and tour operators.

“I would recommend SunSystems for the functionality within the system which is superb. The way it can be customised to a particular organisation and accurately meet your teams’ daily processes is second to none.”
Tracy Everett, Project Manager/Systems Accountant, Trinity College London


8: Infor SunSystems integrates with other systems

You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate Infor SunSystems with any other enterprise, financial or asset systems you already use thanks to Infor’s Intelligent Open Network (ION) middleware, or Sapphire’s MaxiSun integration tool. This allows you to eliminate operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency.

“I would recommend MaxiSun to others as it is a best fit solution – especially when it comes to integration of SunSystems and another software solution.”
Dharmoro Budiawan, Information Services Manager, Premier Oil


9: Infor SunSystems is easy to use

The Infor SunSystem’s interface utilises terms and functionality familiar to accountants and financial management teams. With Infor 10x the system’s interface has been further streamlined and visually enhanced to continually improve usability. Once users are familiar with the system they will benefit from the unified ledger and simplified budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning processes.

“The new screens are more visually appealing. We’re still getting used to a few things, and are finding the new functionality very useful. I am used to Sun Accounts so find it pretty easy to use. When it comes to new users we have all our procedures written down so everything is clear, we find that Q&A really helps with ease of reporting.”
Himali Fernando, Finance Controller, The Brooke


10: Sapphire Systems supports Infor SunSystems

Once you have selected Infor SunSystems you need to carefully consider the partner you choose to implement and support your solution. Sapphire Systems is the global leading reseller of Infor SunSystems, offering vast amounts of industry expertise and global support to ensure your company utilises the system to its maximum potential.

“Sapphire has vertical industry knowledge and strong experience in the oil and gas sector too. All of this meant I was fully confident in the team.”to use. When it comes to new users we have all our procedures written down so everything is clear, we find that Q&A really helps with ease of reporting.”
Dharmoro Budiawan, Information Services Manager, Premier Oil
To learn more about how Infor SunSystems can benefit your company, contact Sapphire Systems today.

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