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Strategic Partners

SAP is responsible for developing one of the leading ERP and business management solutions for small and medium sized businesses – SAP Business One. We are a leading global SAP Gold Partner, and have a relationship with SAP that spans over 15 years.

Infor is best known for its successful financial management solution, Infor SunSystems, asset management solution, Infor EAM and cloud based manufacturing solution, Infor CloudSuite Industrial. We are the global number one partner for SunSystems - a position we have held for over 12 years.

Alexander Moore

Alexander Moore has been involved with SAP Business One since 2004, following a successful practice in management consultancy. They are responsible for developing the TravelOne product for SAP Business One, which is specifically designed for travel agents and tour operators.


TravelOne is a vertical solution designed specifically for travel agents, tour operators, destination management companies and more, and is built on the power of SAP Business One.

Now, travel companies have a complete and powerful end-to-end solution that provides tangible competitive advantages and eliminates the need to adopt multiple isolated systems for managing their businesses.

With SAP Business One and TravelOne, travel companies can integrate their existing travel booking engine with powerful software to manage bookings and cancellations, deposits, balances and more.


Argentis Systems operates with partners in 24 countries to deliver its popular Apparel and Footwear solution for SAP Business One, providing unique functionality for this sector. The software allows organisations to integrate and automate their design, product lifecycle management, supply chain, sales, financial processes and more.

SAP Business One Apparel & Footwear

This specialist SAP Business One solution is designed to specifically cater to the needs of apparel, footwear and accessory companies. The software allows organisations to integrate and automate their design, product lifecycle management, supply chain, sales, financial processes and more.


BoyumIT is an SAP Business One development house responsible for creating the popular B1 Usability Pack, print and delivery, and CRM for outlook add-ons to help clients customise and configure their system without the need for consultants or programmers.


Computec is a growing SAP Business One gold partner based in Poland, and the developer of the ProcessForce platform for SAP Business One – a solution offering unique functionality for food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Built on the tried and tested business functions provided by SAP Business One, the ProcessForce product combines manufacturing expertise and industry knowledge to address the challenges faced by four key sectors: consumer products (i.e. food and beverage), life sciences (i.e. pharmaceuticals), chemicals and building products.

ProcessForce covers everything from quality control points, contamination monitoring, batch costing and equipment calibration monitoring, to managing recipes, routing, ingredients, scheduling, complaints and more.

Codeless Platforms

Codeless Platforms is responsible for the BPA Platform, a business process automation suite designed to extend SAP Business One and automate processes and integrate business systems quickly and easily.

Business Process Automation

What is BPA Platform?

BPA Platform (formerly known as TaskCentre) enables you to automate processes and integrate business systems quickly and easily. Its innovative drag and drop, point and click technology removes the need for extensive coding to ensure your business achieves its true potential with minimal effort.

BPA Platform Functionality

One Platform, Four Capabilities

Notifications & Alerts | Report & Document Automation | Data Integration & Synchronisation | Workflow & Human Interaction 


Concur is a leading global provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, helping companies of all shapes and sizes to save money, increase control and improve compliance by delivering travel and expense solutions. Sapphire has developed an interface to integrate Concur Expense with Infor SunSystems. 

Connector for Concur & Infor SunSystems

A configurable, automated interface enabling Infor SunSystems users to seamlessly plug-in and integrate Concur solutions with their Infor SunSystems financial suite. The interface provides data validation, error management and audit trail recording to help guarantee corporate compliance.


Coresystems has developed a platform to provide field service information in real-time. This system will help your technicians and engineers fit more calls into their day and ultimately improve revenue.


Draycir are responsible for developing the Spindle document distribution product, which integrates with Infor SunSystems or SAP Business One. It allows for the electronic distribution of documents, streamlining and automating communications and reducing resource costs.

Spindle Professional

Document Management System

Spindle Professional allows you to automatically have documents sent to multiple locations by e-mail, fax and print - in a number of different formats. With over 20,000 users, Spindle is an affordable document management solution that simplifies the entire delivery process with any application, including SAP Business One and Infor SunSystems.

What are the benefits of using Spindle Professional?

Organisations who implement Spindle's document management software are benefitting from:

  • Save time and eliminate errors - merge information from business applications, creating documents for automatic distribution by email, fax or print
  • Reduce costs and save money - add branding and offers in an instant, as well as emailing or faxing documents
  • Enhance your company's image - allows promotions and messages to be quickly added and easily removed for up-to-the minute accuracy
  • Reduce environmental impact - cuts down the amount of paper used by your business
  • Authenticate and protect documents - use PDF digital signatures to assure its recipients that documents have come from an authenticated source and provide evidence should the document be tampered with


Enterpryze is a mobile-first solution for SAP Business One users. This new, innovative platform uses both cloud and mobile technology to provide low-cost access to SAP Business One in order to better update and manage the system.

Simplified, mobile, online access for SAP Business One users

Enterpryze harnesses the power of SAP Business One in a simple cloud-based solution which connects to your ERP software. It allows organisations to connect more of their users to SAP Business One for a low-cost monthly subscription. 

Enterpryze provides online access via a web browser and the opportunity to make instant updates through a series of native mobile applications. Users can update, manage and maintain SAP Business One on the go with online and offline capabilities through a range of mobile apps.


With 37 years' experience, IRIS is the UK's market-leading provider of critical business bookkeeping, payroll and HR software solutions, including Earnie payroll.

Earnie Payroll Software

Streamlining your payroll department

Earnie Payroll is a flexible, scalable software solution from IRIS that can be configured to your individual business needs to ensure running your payroll is as efficient and streamlined as possible. Data can be imported from spreadsheets, costs can be split over multiple cost centres, and auto enrolment can be managed instantly from your payroll run.

Plus, Earnie easily integrates with a range of accounts, time and expense and HR systems, meaning that data only needs to be entered once and will automatically populate other systems.

With IRIS OpenPayslips, you can choose how to distribute pay information to employees, with paper and online options available. Pay information is instantly published for employees to securely access from their mobile, tablet or personal computer.

A new Holiday Pay Module means you can ensure holiday pay is fairly calculated for all employees, based on average 13 week earnings, which is essential for any company wanting to avoid a tribunal.

What does Earnie Payroll offer your business?

  • Significantly reduce the day-to-day admin of your payroll department
  • Increase processing speeds
  • Over 150 reports and ten detailed analysis levels allow you to be more proactive with your management information
  • Save time by integrating with HR, accounts and time and attendance software
  • Split employee costs and post the details to your accounting software
  • Process salary sacrifice schemes and manage any expenses payments
  • Administer statutory payments or deductions including student loans and tax credits
  • Check and validate payroll data before sending for authorisation


Kontrolla was formed in 2001 and since then has been developing and delivering first class workflow and document management solutions.

Document Management System

Kollecta is a document management system that is designed to integrate with host systems such as Infor SunSystems, SAP Business One and iPOS. It is a targeted solution giving users of accounting, procurement, HR, CRM and other important administrative systems the ability to display linked documents.

What are the benefits of using Kollecta?

  • Web view client: Allows viewing anywhere in the organisation of a scanned document that is linked to the host (accounting, procurement, other) system
  • Automatic Background Linking: Allows linking to take place after data has been entered into the host (accounting, procurement, other) system. In addition, pre-defined fields may be read from the host system and used to populate a searchable database.
  • Web Searching: Allows independent searching of the Kontrolla Kollecta database and viewing of individual documents
  • Attachments: Notes or additional documents may be attached to a document at any time.


MARINGO - has been developing business software solutions for more than 25 years. The company’s MARIProject solution is based on SAP Business One, and has been specifically designed for project-driven small and midsize businesses.


Project management and professional services automation

With MARIProject, small and medium-sized businesses can comprehensively control their projects. Manage everything from calculation, planning, resource management, purchasing, time recording and billing, to analysis and reports.


Netalogue provides a market leading B2B e-commerce solution and a superior ecommerce platform specifically for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers.

B2B e-commerce for SAP Business One

B2B e-commerce opportunities for SMEs are accelerating and we offer the Netalogue B2B e-commerce solution, an enterprise grade platform which fully integrates with various ERP systems, including SAP Business One.

58% of B2B companies have identified e-commerce platforms as an investment priority in 2016 - Forrester Research.

With over 300 features to suit your requirements, Netalogue can significantly boost your company’s online success and operating efficiencies. The system can be quickly deployed by Sapphire in the form of a new company B2B webstore or secure online ordering portal.

The Netalogue solution extends far beyond basic storefront/cart type systems, which often struggle to cope with the demanding and niche requirements of B2B manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

Advanced features enable your company to receive orders online, promote different catalogues and price lists to trade customers, manage international sales and even facilitate self-service options so your customers can view real-time invoices, statements and pay their account online.

What are the key features of Netalogue?

We offer two versions of the Netalogue solution - a Lite platform designed for smaller enterprises, and a version for larger scale companies. Configurable features include:

  • Personalised ordering experience for different scale customer types
  • Automation of business rules, e-procurement, workflows and punchout
  • Complex price, catalogue, carriage and promotion handling
  • Complex B2B buyer behaviour handling via friendly B2C interfaces
  • Global support, multi-lingual, currency and territory handling options
  • Mobile apps and responsive e-commerce webstore options
  • Real-time e-commerce management and administrator dashboards


Pepperi offers growing brands and wholesalers unmatched sales agility with an all-in-one B2B commerce platform. Businesses easily configure Pepperi’s enterprise-grade software – with endless flexibility – to sell smarter, sell bigger, and sell faster. 

Pepperi uniquely combines field sales automation, retail merchandising, and B2B e-commerce into an integrated mobile solution that runs natively on all devices to maximise in-person and online B2B sales. Over 1,000 businesses worldwide profit from using Pepperi’s platform. Learn how to seize your sales opportunities. 


At Praesto Consulting we provide our clients with the information, insight and tools they need to succeed. Our diverse industry expertise, technical ability and agility sets us apart from the competition. Specialists in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management, we leverage world class solutions so our customers can make fast, informed decisions that drive growth and increase profitability. We are a trusted adviser to our clients, focused on their needs every step of the way and committed to delivering value and quality.

Professional Advantage

Professional Advantage provides complementary solutions for Infor SunSystems users, such as the popular iPOS procurement and spend control application.

iPOS Professional

What is iPOS?

iPOS is a browser-based solution that harnesses the latest technical innovations to deliver an intuitive, easy-to-use requisitioning system. This approach is the cornerstone to delivering significant cost savings, operational efficiencies and a greater return on investment.

What are its key features?

  • Simple and advanced entry forms
  • Multi-layer approval matrices
  • Selection of items from catalogues, my favourites, templates and previous items
  • Unlimited requisition lines for multiple delivery addresses and multiple suppliers


Synantix created iDocuments, a solution designed to integrate with your finance or ERP software and simplify and automate all your purchasing, resource and employee-related processes in order to improve efficiency and spend.


A web-based application allowing you to have complete control over expenses, time tracking and purchasing. It is a single scalable solution, resulting in a reduction of IT and support overheads and it encourage faster user adoption. iDocs is built on industry standard Microsoft technologies, meaning that it can be seamlessly integrated with your ERP or financial software.

What are the key features of iDocs?

  • Flexible workflow and approval paths
  • User defined fields
  • E-mail alerts and notifications
  • Microsoft Excel integration
  • Audit trail and document history
  • Integrated document archive for storing attachments
  • 100% web browser interface

What are the benefits of using iDocs?

  • Easy to use modular applications
  • Rapid implementation
  • Tight integration with your SAP Business One and Infor SunSystems
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Works with all browsers
  • Highly scalable and easy to use

[email protected]

[email protected] develops powerful, automated employee expense and time recording solutions for Infor SunSystems and SAP Business One.

[email protected]

The most advanced time capture and management system available, providing a foundation for billing, business intelligence and resource planning. A comprehensive Web Service based solution, designed to be deployed to a large numbers of employees, providing a quick-to-implement and easy-to-use time capture and management solution.

What are the benefits to your business? 

  • Its reporting engine provides you with greater availability of information to every level of your business
  • It eliminates data duplication, manual intervention and time lags inherent in current systems
  • World-class analytical functionality allows you to make better informed decisions
  • The system can be deployed quickly to any device with an internet browser and is simple for employees to access and use whether they are office or home based


V1’s award-winning document management and imaging software enables the creation, storage, capture, authorisation and delivery of all your essential business documents.

V1 Invoice Automation and Intelligent Document Management

V1 helps organisations to unlock value across accounts payable and receivable by introducing touchless, automated processes making them fast, efficient and intelligent. Partnered with Sapphire, V1 provides fully integrated finance automation software that seamlessly integrates with Infor SunSystems and SAP Business One. This proven level of integration enables organisations to simplify business processes using intelligent invoice capture and workflow technology. 

More than 2,000 businesses so far have realised a combined saving of over £150 million per year by taking advantage of V1 technology. Introducing finance automation means organisations can streamline their processes by allowing their finance team to operate at full potential and digitally transform the way they work. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Full procure to pay (P2P) automation 
  • Tightly integrated into your accounting package
  • Touchless processing of emailed invoices
  • Automatic invoice data extraction and validation
  • Intelligent workflow for electronic invoice approval
  • Process analytics to drive continuous improvement 
  • Aid GDPR compliance with the new data retention module
  • Rapid return on investment – typically less than 12 months


VistaVu Solutions is a leading business management software provider responsible for developing the FieldVu solution for SAP Business One. FieldVu is an integrated, all-in-one system specifically designed to streamline the operational efficiency of the energy, construction and mining sectors.


Whether you work in the oil and gas industry, oilfield construction, oilfield product manufacturing, well servicing or equipment rental, FieldVu is the only tool you need for every project.

Wax Digital

Wax Digital is one of the industry leading procurement solution providers. Delivering Source to Pay solutions to mid and large-sized organisations around the world for over 260,000 users in 102 countries. web3 is an intuitive, easy-to-use and accessible software that delivers complete spend control across the purchasing lifecycle, managing tens of millions of transactions annually.

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