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As a dedicated provider of world-leading business solutions for the global energy sector, we can support any organisation, from a multi-national oil and gas organisation to a subsea equipment supplier.

Mining & Metals

Mining & Metals

Asset-heavy, extremely competitive and highly regulated, the mining and metals sector faces the constant pressure to work more efficiently while pursuing further business growth, as well as closely managing an ever-expanding supply chain and producing accurate forecasts. To meet these challenges, more and more mining and metals businesses are investing in technology to help.

Power & Renewables

Power & Renewables

Faced with the ongoing challenge to do more for less in an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses in the power generation and renewable energy sector need to increase efficiencies while staying focused on the innovation needed to embrace growth opportunities and boost profits. To achieve this, more and more businesses are investing in smart software solutions to keep them one step ahead.

Upstream E & P

Upstream E & P

Comprised of organisations of all sizes and scopes, the upstream E&P sector faces the ongoing challenge of doing more for less, increasing efficiencies while pursuing new, profitable business opportunities. To better manage their large, diverse asset portfolios while overseeing ongoing exploration, development and production activities, many upstream E&P businesses are turning to technology for help. 

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