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Faced with increased competition and decreased levels of customer loyalty, insurance companies are having to work even harder to further engage with customers, opening-up and making the most of vital commercial opportunities. With newcomers to the market more digitally-savvy than ever before, many insurance companies are looking to software solutions to give them that all-important competitive edge.

Industry Software Benefits

Built to address the challenges faced by the insurance sector, our solutions enable you to make the most of the volumes of customer data and interactions that you deal with every day. By integrating all your key business functions within a single, centralised system, you benefit from unparalleled insight into your business, forming the foundations for timely, robust decision-making.

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Insurance Industry Software Solutions

Suitable for UK and international insurance companies of all sizes, from start-ups to established providers, our solutions help businesses to enhance their financial management and organisational visibility, maximising income and opportunities, while minimising risk. By automating processes and streamlining operations, we can help you achieve real efficiency savings, with advanced analytics and forecasting forming the basis for strategic growth.

  • Claims and policy management analysis

  • Produce risk reports by product, customer, location and more

  • Capability for reporting with multiple regulatory frameworks (i.e. GAAP, IFRS)

  • Consistent risk management and visibility

  • Local and regulatory reporting requirements for more than 190 countries

  • Real time access to financial performance information 

  • Advanced modelling, forecasting and ‘what if’ scenarios to improve strategic planning

  • Use Principal to Principal functionality to keep track of premiums that are owed and due

  • Streamline intercompany billing, with the ability to consolidate separate ledgers

Our industry solutions to help you move forward faster

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See how our insurance industry software can streamline operations and take your business forward, faster.

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