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High Tech and Electronics manufacturers are under constant pressure to deliver innovative and inexpensive products. Add to this the challenges posed by short product lifecycles, long procurement lead times and complex supply chain networks and you can see why more businesses are investing in ERP software solutions to help them stay one step ahead in a very competitive marketplace.

Industry Software Benefits

Designed to address the very challenges High Tech and Electronics manufacturers face every day, our solutions put you firmly in control of your business. By automating and streamlining key processes and procedures, you can realise substantial efficiency savings across the business, controlling costs while managing the complexities of mass customisation and new product introductions.

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High Tech & Electronics Industry Software Solutions

Designed and built by manufacturers for manufacturers, our ERP solution for the High Tech and Electronics sector provides complete business management from concept to implementation. By managing and controlling all business processes across the supply chain, our fully integrated, end-to-end ERP software enables you to boost supply chain visibility, increase control, better manage inventory and automate your processes.

  • View project status at every step of the way

  • Synchronise and automate your work centres, inventory, resources and supply with customer orders

  • Superior data analytics for valuable insights into customers and products 

  • Inventory and warehouse management for reduced picking errors, decreased order lead times, and quicker response to customer demands

  • Optimise product development processes with full management of your product lifecycle

  • Supply chain and production management 

  • Control and manage costs of promise-and-expedite scheduling

  • Multi-company, multi-site, multi-lingual and multi-currency functionality

Our industry solutions to help you move forward faster

Industry Product Demo

Don’t just take our word for it, explore our high tech and electronics industry solutions’ capabilities with our solution demo.

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