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Retail businesses face a unique set of challenges – from managing inventory and supply chains to maximising sales and customer loyalty, all while keeping pace with market trends. With a view to achieving all of this and more, retailers are investing in advanced software solutions to guarantee that all-important competitive edge.

Benefits of Industry Software

While improving control over all areas of your retail business from finance through to third party logistics providers, our solutions provide a much-needed 360° view of your business. This increased insight leads to quicker, more robust decision-making for optimum levels of business agility, enabling your business to better respond to changing trends and market conditions. 

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Retail Industry Software Solutions

Our complete ERP solutions are suitable for retailers of all shapes and sizes, providing the levels of business insight needed to stay one step ahead of the competition. Giving you the ability to comprehensively manage finance, inventory and supply chains, while maximising sales and customer loyalty, our solutions make your business more agile and responsive, helping you to keep pace with ever-changing customer demand. 

  • Improved control over financial, stock and supply chain cycles

  • Automated stock and purchasing replenishment 

  • Track customer contacts and purchasing preference 

  • Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations

  • Reduce inventory costs and stock-outs 

  • Better anticipate customer demand 

  • Seamless integration with external databases, web-stores, third party logistics and courier systems, point of sale and barcode scanning technology

  • Comprehensive warehouse management tools

  • Advanced Business Intelligence to inform business strategy

Our industry solutions to help you move forward faster

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Don’t just take our word for it, explore our retail industry solutions’ capabilities with our solution demo.

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