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A powerful, intuitive and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) solution, Birst is the global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics.  Comprised of data warehousing, complex data transformation and a modern interface, Birst helps you to make smarter business decisions in real-time.  Whether you’re an IT professional, Executive or Business User, Birst delivers modern end-to-end BI capabilities which deliver valuable insights in an intuitive, self-service environment.  

Key Statistics

Over 30 years' industry experience
Over 9,000
In more than 190 countries
24/7 access to real-time information

Features and Functionality

Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting

With the platform’s native mobile BI functionality, business functions can access reports, tables and drill into reports where ever their business takes them.  Birst’s unique approach of fully responsive, integrated dashboards and visual discovery adapts to the needs of individual business users, allowing them to quickly gain insights that were missed before – turning big data into a competitive advantage.

Adaptive User Experience

Adaptive User Experience

Birst blurs the lines between BI dashboards and discovery to create a flexible user experience that adapts to modern work styles.  Each stakeholder of your business needs to be able to understand and interpret data, and Birst’s fully responsive and intuitive dashboards allow users to view and manipulate data on one single source, to get an easy to interpret, 360-degree view of the business.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

To facilitate successful decision-making, business users must be able to interact with and navigate across data in the context of their job function.  Birst’s automated data refinement technology connects, processes and arranges multiple sources of data into a singular data source, configured to support business-centric views.  This functionality also eliminates data silos, whilst enabling everyday business users to easily access and work with trusted data.

With Birst’s Connected Data Prep capabilities, business users can leverage powerful data blending and transformation tools to prepare data for analytics via an intuitive user interface, connecting, preparing and contextualising data, regardless of skillset.

Networked BI and Data Governance

Networked BI and Data Governance

Birst Networked BI connects every part of your organisation via a shared analytical fabric that is easily accessible by each user, team or department. Eliminating analytical silos once and for all, this approach empowers everyone with self-service BI capabilities that enable you to leverage the collective intelligence of your organisation.

Recognising that the needs of HR vary significantly to those of sales, Birst allows different types of business users to view and manipulate data with the best analytical instrument for their role.
With network BI you can

  • Consume data your way – With Birst’s adaptive user experience, users can benefit form a board choice of self-service and data consumption options
  • Enable data as a Service – Users can access both governed and ungoverned data metrics through Birst’s self-service user tier
Multi-Tenant Cloud Architecture

Multi-Tenant Cloud Architecture

With Birst’s Cloud BI, you can extend your BI capabilities as far as your growing enterprise requires. Birst’s enterprise platform is designed as a multi-tenant system, so businesses can scale horizontally according to demand, allowing users to be added easily as you grow. 

Leveraging column-store database technology and robust in-memory cloud database technology, you can run the analytics that you require on very large data volumes.

Unique 2 Tier Approach

Unique 2 Tier Approach

Our unique approach means that you can benefit from enterprise-grade scalability at unprecedented speed and end user freedom: the capability, scale and data governance that IT departments need, together with the agility, speed and usability of consumer grade desktop tools.  This intuitive, self-service model allows business users from any department to collaborate through combining data from disparate source systems to make trusted, smarter decisions for their business.



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