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Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM) is an integrated business intelligence software providing advanced business and financial performance management tools to power better business decisions. Incorporating financial reporting and analysis, dashboards, budgeting, planning, forecasting, data-mining and financial consolidation capabilities, this powerful yet flexible solution provides the insight needed to optimise business agility and maximise performance.

Features and Functionality

Infor d/EPM provides your business with the tools to manage your data within one integrated system. Learn how the solution features and functionality can add substantial value to your business operations.


Comprehensive advanced analytics are at the heart of Infor d/EPM, giving you the ability to gain valuable in-depth insights into how your business is performing. Multi-dimensional reporting and analysis tools deliver a complete overview of your business, with centralised business data presented via accessible and intuitive business intelligence dashboards.


Designed to cater for the needs of specific vertical sectors, Infor d/EPM provides reports that are personalised by industry and business process, ensuring that the right people get the right information, based on pre-built, role-based content. Comprehensive analytics functionality allows you to gain valuable insights into the performance of key business areas, connecting strategy, planning, analytics and risk management in one platform, to provide unprecedented levels of visibility across multiple business processes, from financials and sales performance to production orders and quality. 

Featuring packaged analytics content for key business challenges, alongside integrated planning and modelling capabilities, Infor d/EPM can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your business, with a web and Excel-based interface for ad-hoc reporting and analysis. Able to integrate seamlessly with your other business applications, Infor d/EPM gives you the information you need to make the right decision, every time and on time. 



Infor d/EPM comprehensively monitors your systems for ultimate peace of mind when it comes to compliance. Pinpointing any anomalies and violations of segregation of duties controls, the solution also draws attention to possible risks, ensuring the business can fully understand their potential impact, and offering guidance as to segregation of duties best practice implementation.
With predefined KPIs, dashboards and reporting functionality based on business roles, the compliance functionality provides the ability to fully monitor transactions, user access and master data, inspecting 100% of your data and transactions across multiple applications and platforms.

With the compliance functionality, you can make full use of configurable dashboards and personalised reporting, for a tailored user experience which provides valuable insight into the ongoing performance of key business areas.

Financial Performance Management

Financial Performance Management

Providing a single application to comprehensively manage all of your budgeting, planning and forecasting, Infor d/EPM Financial Performance Management provides an agile platform on which to build your operational planning, workforce budgeting and sale estimates.

With flexible multi-level and multi-scenario budgeting and planning built-in, as well as powerful forecasting and prediction capabilities, Infor d/EPM enables you to create optimal business models, quickly and easily, informing better, more robust decision-making. It also allows you to seamlessly consolidate multiple sets of books from each of your legal entities, generating a single set of financial statements.  And, for truly seamless international operations, it provides support for multi-currencies and multi-languages too.

Alongside the ability to assess your capital investments more accurately to determine which projects to fund with new capital planning capabilities, Infor d/EPM provides the ability to track results and evaluate performance against your plans, facilitating vital intelligent financial performance management throughout the business.

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