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Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) helps you to better align manpower, equipment and resources, maximising not only the availability, but the reliability and performance of assets, achieving that all-important competitive advantage while minimising total cost of ownership. A powerful yet flexible application, Infor EAM extracts trends from key data, providing in-depth business insight to improve decision-making across the business. 

Infor EAM is routinely voted as the best asset management software on the market, and has recently won accolades from Plant Engineering as the Product of the Year, and named as the asset management system leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Key Statistics

20% or more in energy reductions
20% improvement in labour productivity
20% reductions in inventory carrying costs
5% reduction in new equipment costs

Features and Functionality

A single enterprise suite, Infor EAM offers your business an array of software features. Use the industry-specific functionality to gain competitive edge.
Mobile Maintenance

Mobile Maintenance

Free from geographical or time zone constraints, Infor EAM supports all mobile devices, screen sizes and mobile devices, giving users access to the right information, wherever and whenever needed. Not only does this result in quicker, more efficient maintenance, but it means users can record as they work rather than later on, preventing any major time lags between work being carried out and the status update for that particular asset being made available to all users.

For decision-makers, the fact that they’re dealing with accurate, timely information facilitates more robust, dynamic decision-making, resulting in increased efficiencies and productivity across the board. This access to up-to-the minute asset data on a business-wide level provides unprecedented levels of business insight, laying the foundations for increased business agility and responsiveness.

Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning

Infor EAM’s work management functionality makes it quick and easy to track and manage all asset work requests, labour, planning and scheduling. With the complete visibility that the system affords, you can see where best to deploy assets, people and resources to minimise downtime and guarantee optimum business efficiency. 

The additional real-time insight into equipment performance means that as well as well as predicting potential equipment reliability problems and being alerted to actual problems, you can effectively schedule preventative maintenance too. This ability to proactively mitigate against equipment failure cannot be underestimated, enabling you to streamline your maintenance process to prolong the life of your assets and increase productivity.



Infor EAM’s advanced web-based iProcure module helps to consolidate your list of vendors, and monitors all spending from one central location.  When identifying repairs or maintenance, iProcure can automatically review your suppliers at the same tine to ensure the best price for spares, parts or equipment. Through boosting visibility of this process, costs can be better tracked to ensure consistency and crucially, reduce your spending.

Revenue Efficiency

Revenue Efficiency

One key capability that Infor EAM affords your business is the prevention of loss of revenue. Its asset hierarchy management functionality enables you to easily keep track of not only where assets are located but what they actually cost. Being constantly in-the-loop on asset costs allows you to quickly and easily manage budgets and highlight where assets aren’t as cost-effective as they might be, paving the way for remedial action before costs escalate further.

Purchasing management functionality is also built-in, seamlessly managing the ordering and payment of goods, helping you to stay on top of delivery times, payments and receipt of goods. And, with the option available to automate work order tasks and labour requests, you can save up to 20% on labour costs, a significant saving for businesses of any size.

Conditional Monitoring (IoT)

Conditional Monitoring (IoT)

The ever-increasing presence of smart devices in the workplace has made a real difference when it comes to asset management. Infor EAM has the ability to bring together the abundance of data generated by modern businesses and their numerous assets, using the in-depth, real-time data to underpin quick, effective decision-making, making optimal use of all business assets. 

It’s the rapid, effective and automated analysis of the data that makes all the difference here, with Infor EAM providing comprehensive business insights, as opposed to raw data, highlighting the performance of assets and equipment, as well as delivering early warnings as to when equipment might fail.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

One key area where many businesses seek to achieve efficiency savings is in inventory. With the in-depth, real time information provided by Infor EAM, you can get a better handle on your inventory, managing and controlling business-wide inventories. Whereas incorrect inventory data can lead to a whole world of problems, up-to-date, accurate inventory information ensures better decisions are made based on actual performance and availability.

The solution enables you to reduce costs by avoiding carrying unnecessary inventory, while reaping the benefits of advanced materials management, lowering purchasing costs through more intelligent inventory management and building a comprehensive view of the entire business to underpin effective decision-making.

Asset Management Policy

Asset Management Policy

With more and more businesses adopting the ISO 55000 series, as well as ISO 5001 and ISO 14224, Infor EAM is the perfect tool to help maximise the effectiveness of asset management programmes while ensuring compliance with these various ISO standards. The adoption of such standards require comprehensive visibility of assets across multiple sites and locations, something that Infor EAM delivers as standard.

Infor EAM guarantees that not only do you have the right processes and procedures in place to comply with the different ISO standards, but that you also have unfettered access to the levels of data needed, bringing previously hidden asset management insights to light and encouraging best practice.  For businesses who recognise the importance of standardising the way they manage their assets and asset data, Infor EAM ensures asset management best practice while securing the financial and operational gains that can only result from an optimised asset management programme.

Safety & Compliance

Safety & Compliance

Aside from ensuring compliance to relevant ISO standards, Infor EAM is instrumental in underpinning best practice when it comes to safety and risk mitigation as well. Not only does the system maintain up-to-the minute records of asset statuses but it maintains detailed asset histories too, for comprehensive monitoring and record-keeping.

For the ultimate in safety and compliance, record-locking and signature capabilities are an optional system configuration too, guaranteeing watertight compliance and business transparency.

Asset Performance Reliability

Asset Performance Reliability

Infor EAM enables you to improve reliability and risk management by accurately anticipating asset reliability. This foresight into asset performance not only prolongs the life of your assets, but minimises downtime and maximises productivity, for ultimate levels of efficiency. 

The ability to configure automated notifications of asset problems when given parameters are exceeded streamlines the maintenance process further still, for even greater efficiency savings. And, the capability to schedule accurate preventative maintenance, based on accurate system data, as well as the ability to predict potential equipment reliability problems, prevents costly downtime and expensive repairs, as well as the chance to proactively plan alternatives and reassign resources where they’ll do the most good. 

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Deployment Options


For maximum flexibility, scalability and low total cost of ownership (TCO), Cloud is becoming an increasingly popular deployment option. Many of our customers are already benefiting from adopting Infor EAM in the Cloud.


For those who are not yet ready to embrace the Cloud, or prefer to keep systems in-house, Infor EAM is available fully on premise, supported by Sapphire’s team of Infor EAM experts.

Data security is in the hands of the vendor

Predictable costs over time

Typically takes less time to implement

Greater stability and continuous updates

You are in control of data security

Greater ability for customisation

Can reduce the initial price of the solution

You have more control over implementation process

EAM Works can speed up your implementation

Discover EAM Works, the best-practice template for implementing Infor EAM with processes and usability built-in from the get-go.



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