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Infor OS provides a connected, intelligent network which puts the user at the centre of the experience. It unifies your enterprise systems providing a conversational user experience, and giving you organisation wide visibility. 
It provides a new group of modules which extends your existing functionality by at least 50%. 
Infor OS serves as the foundation for your ecosystem, with access to real-time information making your software intuitive and easy to use. Make use of the deep analytics, advanced collaboration and development tools on a mobile-first platform with open source compatibility to make seamless management a possibility. 

Infor OS serves as the platform for your own digital transformation, and as the central point for your enterprise ecosystem you can automate, anticipate, predict and inform stakeholders in all things they do. By simplifying your IT landscape, you can work smarter with increased collaboration and productivity. Infor OS synchronises your siloed information and simplifies maintenance, reducing overall cost and enabling you to gain a competitive advantage. 
Infor OS at a glance:

  • Automated execution of complicated tasks
  • Networked business intelligence and reporting
  • New account approval
  • Sun 4 SAF import via Infor ION
  • Digital documentation of all business processes
  • Contextual Analysis
  • Business process integration
  • Payment and journal approval
  • Aged debtors and creditors

Features and Functionality

Keep one step ahead with a wealth of new modules to extend your application functionality. Whether you need to approve workflows, manage collaboration across departments or manage data, rest assured that Infor OS has you covered.


This acts as the hub across your Infor OS suite, allowing you to access information across your applications without having to switch screens. It has the ability to pull in all data to enable you to complete tasks faster. Personalised and customised according to role, team or area of interest aggregates processes and delivers information automatically, all while having an intuitive, easy to use interface.

Document Management

Document Management

This module allows you to attach backup documentation to your journals. You have the ability to add anything from purchase invoices to staff expense receipts, all of which can be queried via the traditional inquiry forms. 

Workflow Approvals

Workflow Approvals

This function enables you to proactively manage your workflow status and traffic in order to gain visibility into your overall business network efficiency. With the ability to create and standardise workflows without IT involvement, you can create simple or complex workflows and approvals across departments and locations. 

Dynamic Monitoring

Dynamic Monitoring

This function enables you to keep tabs on changes within your system. New account codes, new address records, new account postings and analysis codes are flagged up at a business unit level via Ming.le. This allows you to quickly access real-time data in order to make informed decisions about your system.

Infor Ming.le

Infor Ming.le

This module is a collaboration and business process management tool which acts as a central tool to encourage team productivity. Establish a common workflow and conversation in enterprise-wide streams where employees can collaborate in real-time. 

Infor ION

Infor ION

Infor’s Intelligent Open Network (ION) is a powerful platform designed to easily integrate with Infor and third-party applications. By using ION to join up your systems, you can effectively identify and eliminate operational silos, improve exception management and achieve end-to-end efficiency. An application can be upgraded or replaced without taking your whole network down, and system maintenance is less complex and expensive.

If your business has grown rapidly, the chances are that your systems have multiplied and you have a patchwork of disparate systems, creating huge inefficiencies, information silos, costly maintenance and missed opportunities. Infor ION sets out to correct this, by integrating all of your systems and identifying areas where information may be lost. Infor ION allows you to:

  • Integrate Infor and third party applications by using a standard language
  • Create workflows and alerts to improve exception management
  • Easily monitor all of your business in order to make better decisions
  • Manage any business process easily without IT involvement

Sapphire specialises in using Infor ION with both our asset management solution (Infor EAM) and our finance and accounting software (Infor SunSystems).

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

This function enables you to leverage data across your organisation to give you actionable insights and the ability to make decisions quickly. With all data stored in a central repository, you can ensure your data is consistent and relevant across the organisation. Transactions are automatically synchronised as they occur, meaning all data is up-to date and accurate, and reporting is dramatically improved by having all data accessible in one location. 

Upgrading Infor Sunsystems with Infor OS

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your Infor applications to Infor OS. Our upgrade service ensures your upgrades are efficiently implemented, allowing you to take advantage of new features quickly. We carefully test each upgrade before releasing it to ensure it meets relevant quality assurance standards, and our team of experts works with you to deliver a smooth, risk-free upgrade. 

The Sapphire upgrade service includes:

  • Reviewing your requirements for upgrade

  • Software installation

  • Upgrade plan

  • Data mapping and migration

  • Configuration changes

  • Troubleshooting, UAT and training




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