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SAP Analytics Cloud is a single solution for Business Intelligence (BI) and organisational planning. This comprehensive software streamlines business processes, improving performance and collaborative planning while steering your business in the right direction. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and machine learning built-in, SAP Analytics Cloud delivers key business insights and planning data anywhere, anytime. Business Intelligence solutions connect people and information, turning your in-depth data into decisive action.

SAP Analytics Cloud Capabilities

SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful Business Intelligence solution. Learn how the features of the solution can empower your business and drive new growth.
Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI)

SAP Analytics Cloud features advanced Business Intelligence functionality, putting BI at the heart of everything you do and making sense of the ever-increasing amounts of business data. It’s not just access to data that’s improved, with data connectors providing access to all your critical data sources across the business, but data insight that’s increased too. Take advantage of intuitive and visual BI dashboards for quick, pulse analytics and drill down into data sources to fully explore business data and insights. Get rapid answers to pressing business decisions; make the right choices with the right information, at the right time and in the right format.

Alongside ad-hoc reporting and what-if analysis, Big Data analytics are a built-in solution designed to help you make the best of your data and get a full understanding of your business’ data picture at any time. For optimum accessibility, the cloud-based nature of the solution gives you access to in-depth business insight direct from the web, with no need to install new desktop software. Advanced collaboration tools enable seamless collaborative working and information sharing, speeding up the pace of business and improving overall productivity and business efficiency.



Providing a single, integrated planning tool for the entire business, SAP Analytics Cloud streamlines the entire planning process for faster, smarter and data-driven decision-making. The ability to analyse, plan, predict and report all within one system ensures major efficiency savings, as well as increased planning accuracy. Designed for understanding and shareability, the highly visual data formats make presenting data and performance metrics with your team easy.

Collaborative tools ensure increased teamwork across the business, with contextualised data available to all areas of the organisation for improved accountability. The ability to access these collaborative tools via web browser at any time and from any place increases successful collaboration further still, all while boosting employee engagement levels and data accuracy.

By leveraging a single financial platform, with transactions, analytics and planning all within one solution, your business will spend less time on transactional tasks, leaving more time to focus on actioning the invaluable real-time business insights that the solution delivers. Model and simulate financial and operational what-if scenarios for powerful planning accuracy and forecasting. Delivering improved business responsiveness and organisational agility, SAP Analytics Cloud can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Smart Assist

Smart Assist

Advanced machine learning and predictive technology enable SAP Analytics Cloud to deliver automatic business insights right across the business and a range of high-impact functionalities to choose from. 

Smart Discovery analyses your KPIs, running powerful simulations to help you take action. Share these insights across the business with improved collaboration and data sharing. Smart Insights gives you the ability to explore and investigate the details behind the data, helping you to develop a quick and easy understanding of the most complex data points.

Take advantage of the additional functionality of Smart Transformations - automate data preparation workflows for quick and reliable data, freeing up the time of your organisation for more value-added activities. Smart Grouping increases efficiency by automating data grouping of similar data points based on your specifications or those recommended by Smart Assist. The resulting data clusters have many valuable uses; such as identifying customer groups, segmenting into behavioural similarities, or categorising inventory - automating processes for increased efficiency and accuracy.

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