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SAP Business One for Process Manufacturing combines manufacturing expertise and industry knowledge to address the challenges faced by sectors such as consumer products, life sciences, chemicals and building products.

The solution covers everything from financials, purchasing and inventory management to batch traceability, production management and quality control. 

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Features and Functionality

SAP Business One for Process Manufacturing is a powerful, integrated ERP solution. Learn how the features of the solution can empower your business and drive new growth.


Manage accounting processes

Providing a complete suite of tools to manage, streamline and automate your financial operations, SAP Business One Financial and Accounting enables you to take full control of your finances. With applications for general ledger, journal entries, project cost accounting, budget management, reporting, multi-currency support and many other functions, the system takes care of all financial processing and all financial transactions, fully integrating your financial processes with all other business functions.

The ability to manage all key accounting processes with one integrated system enables you to more effectively manage your cash flow, making it easier to track budgets, comparing actual and planned figures at the click of a mouse. The intuitive system can quickly process all reconciliations, bank statements and payments, enabling your business to work better and faster. This increased automation and integration not only eliminates duplicate entries and manual errors, but increases efficiencies and gives you access to accurate real time information, every time.  

Financial reporting and analysis

SAP Business One Financial and Accounting gives you the capability to create a wide range of standard and customised financial reports, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. And, because your accounting and financial data is integrated with all other areas of the business, you know that what you’re seeing is a unified financial view of the entire business, enabling you to make better, more informed decisions for optimum results.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting with SAP Business One

SAP Business One Reporting gives you the ability to create accessible, accurate and timely reports, homing in on your specific KPIs. With a large number of pre-defined reports at your disposal, you can build detailed, insightful reports quickly and easily, guaranteeing unsurpassed levels of business clarity.

The powerful combination of SAP Business One with SAP Crystal Reports makes for quicker, more accurate and more insightful reporting. And, you can access data from multiple sources and in multiple formats via Q&A XL, an intuitive add-on for Microsoft Excel that provides a faster, easier and more adaptable way to extract data from SAP Business One. This enables you to automatically generate reports quickly and easily right across the business, from financials and sales through to inventory and despatch. 

Reduce processing time and cost

There’s no longer any need to generate departmental reports in isolation, only for them to be manually integrated with other reports from elsewhere in the business, an often time consuming and error-prone process. The ability to not only automatically create new reports from across the business but also customise existing ones, while easily exporting reports to a number of different formats that best suit your business requirements, can drastically reduce your costs due to less time and effort being spent creating reports as well as less reliance on IT.

Improved access to critical business information

What SAP Business One Reporting gives you is vastly improved access to business-critical information in real-time and in the right context, presented in a variety of layouts, complete with interactive drill-downs and the ability to perform advanced scenario modelling within the reports. Ultimately, you have unfettered access to timely, accurate information, resulting in rapid yet robust decision-making for ultimate business agility and optimum results.



Spanning the entire sales process, the SAP Business One Sales module boasts an array of functionality from creating quotations, through to invoicing, document drafts and printing, handling all sales documentation with ease. Presenting information via intuitive, interactive dashboards, this module enables the business to view vital sale analysis, as well as calculating gross profit for every quotation that’s created.

Simplifying business processes

By reducing process complexity, the SAP Business One Sales module increases efficiencies across the board. Multiple functions are automated, simplifying the way in which quotations are issued. Advanced order functionality enables you to quickly and easily enter customer orders, automatically reserve items and notify the warehouse of the delivery date, minimising the margin for error and speeding up the entire process considerably. The sales order process is made even more efficient by the ability to access stock data across multiple warehouses, providing a comprehensive view of stock levels.

Managing documents

It’s the system’s ability to handle multiple documents at all stages of the process that can make a real difference to the entire sales function of your business. For example, automated invoicing allows for not only faster payment transactions but enables improvements to investment planning too. The solution manages all accounts receivable invoices and credit memos, as well as providing the ability to group all existing sales documents into a single invoice where necessary, going on to quickly and easily print all relevant sales and purchasing documents. Also, the system is capable of generating the necessary packaging documentation for all goods shipped to the customer, as well as effectively handling any returns using the automatically-generated returns documents.

And, for any outstanding payments, the SAP Business One Sales module is able to manage multiple dunning letters per customer, maintaining a full dunning history for each customer. Ultimately, the comprehensive functionality provided by this module makes things easier, more efficient and more accurate for both you and your customer, leading to faster, smarter working and a significant boost to the bottom line.



Streamline procurement process

SAP Business One’s Purchase Management module effectively manages your procurement by streamlining the entire purchasing process. Taking care of key business functions, from purchase orders right through to vendor invoice payment, the comprehensive functionality provided by the system enables you to maintain all vendor and item master data in one central repository, amalgamating this key information with all other business transactions to provide full visibility of the end-to-end purchasing process. 

Master data management

The master data management capability provides full transparency into the often complex areas of purchasing activities, suppliers and their performance. The module has the ability to manage detailed data, with users able to view account balances and purchase analysis, while maintaining detailed purchasing information. Up-to-the minute information, presented in accessible and intuitive reports, affords the business full visibility into the entire purchasing process. 

Warehouse and accounting integration

Increased automation, from order to invoice, means huge efficiency savings for the business too. The module is able to automatically create single or multiple POs and goods receipts, linking to the relevant purchasing documents, all while managing returns and expenses, not to mention working with multiple currencies. Its ability to integrate with your business’s warehouse and accounting functions adds another level of efficiency too. When it comes to the warehouse, real-time synchronisation of goods receipts and inventory warehouse levels minimises errors and speeds up the entire process. Combine this with the system’s ability to automatically process accounts payable and credit memos, and you can see how the SAP Business One Purchase Management module can enable your business to plan material needs and schedule purchases accordingly.  

This increased automation and streamlining of the entire procurement process leads to more effective purchasing decisions, based on real-time business-wide information, resulting in improved purchasing planning which can lead to a significant reduction in costs across the business.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Reduce inventory costs

A precise, streamlined inventory management tool, SAP Business One Stock Control enables you to reduce inventory costs while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. This comprehensive module allows you to manage warehouse data, track and record stock movements, while planning and releasing orders in line with your material requirements planning.

Manage warehouse and inventories

The ability to manage warehouse and inventories using various costing models, as well as maintaining all item master data, handling multiple units of measure and pricing, comes as standard. To deal with the ever-complex nature of doing business, the system can create and maintain multi-level bills of materials, as well as automatically issuing and releasing production orders.

SAP Business One Stock Control’s information management is second-to-none. You can automatically record goods receipts and issues, track stock transfers, while performing comprehensive and accurate inventory and cycle counts. This ability to precisely assess inbound and outbound shipments, as well as transfers between warehouses, guarantees accurate, timely and in-depth inventory information, providing unprecedented levels of transparency and control to allow you to take your inventory management to the next level.

This automation of processes in combination with fully-integrated production functionality ensures major efficiency savings and substantial inventory cost reductions. And, the inevitable positive effect it has on on-time delivery rates and the lack of stock shortages that arise help to boost customer service and satisfaction levels considerably.

Generate in-depth reports

In-depth levels of insight are afforded by the up-to-the-minute reports that can be automatically generated via the system, displayed in various formats including intuitive, dynamic dashboards for ultimate accessibility. It’s having this information at your fingertips that makes such a difference, ensuring all business decisions are made based on an accurate, comprehensive real-time view of the entire business. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAP Business One CRM

With powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality built in, SAP Business One CRM enables the effective management of relationships with customers, prospects, suppliers and other business partners from right across the supply chain.

SAP Business One CRM provides the ability to track all sales opportunities from initial contact through to close of sale, with all customer data stored in one, easy-to-access repository. This provides a complete view of the customer, regardless of which stage of the process they’re at, giving you unprecedented insights into their particular needs, enabling you to efficiently manage sales and opportunities across the business. This in turn increases the speed and the success rate at which opportunities are converted into real leads, ultimately increasing revenue.

Managing your customers

For optimum efficiency, SAP Business One CRM synchronises seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, enabling users from across the business to easily and effectively update, maintain and manage customer contacts.  And, when it comes to customer satisfaction levels, the CRM functionality affords you the ability to efficiently manage warranty and services contracts, improving your response times to service calls and problem resolutions, boosting customer confidence and satisfaction considerably.

Make informed business decisions

The ease with which the business can access this timely, accurate information regarding not only the customers themselves, but also all sales-related data as and when required, enables you to make better, more informed business decisions. This vital customer information isn’t confined to the sales team either, with pre-defined report templates allowing you to create extremely detailed and in-depth reports, quickly and easily, sharing this crucial information with the rest of the business to underpin wider business strategy with the robust information that an agile business demands.

Production Control & Management

Production Control & Management

SAP Business One gives you the means to comprehensively and effectively manage the entire production process. By integrating, synchronising and monitoring your vital production processes, it enables you to optimise efficiencies, making a real difference to your profitability.

Providing complete end-to-end visibility of items from order entry through manufacture and delivery, SAP Business One provides the right information, at the right time and in the right format. Powerful built-in Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) functionality enables you to define any number of planning scenarios, accurately predicting demand based on precise forecasts. Scenarios can be run for a range of items or item groups, resulting in a detailed recommendation reports on which next steps are based.

Recipe and Formulation Management

Managing recipes and formulas, also known as bill of materials, is a core functionality in SAP Business One. The solution provides the agility and level of detail required to adjust product recipe and formula specifications on the fly.

Define nutrient, ingredient and allergen information, and adjust recipes according to characteristics such as potency, pH and moisture content. Since all information is in one system, ingredient listings, declaration statements and product labels are easily created. With the flexibility and control provided by the solution, process manufacturers can simplify processes while better maintaining consistent quality across products. 

Production Data Collection

Data is collected directly into the system throughout the entire manufacturing process, allowing companies to improve the accuracy of data, maintain accurate inventory levels and streamline production processes.

Accurate Forecasting

These accurate forecasts and scenario-based recommendations facilitate major improvements in not only materials planning but in resource planning and scheduling too, meaning shorter lead times, a reduction in errors and well-placed capital expenditure. And, built to address the specific challenges facing production environments, the software has the ability to automatically create process orientated bills of materials, as well as generating production orders quickly and easily, for optimum cost and efficiency savings.

Real-time Visibility

At the very heart of SAP Business One is access to timely, precise data on all aspects of the production process, data which is fully-integrated and efficiently processed to provide previously uncovered, invaluable insight into not just production but the business as a whole. With a vast array of report templates provided as standard, the solution enables you to automatically create detailed but accessible reports, presenting the right information in an easy-to-digest format at the click of a mouse.

This improved visibility and control over the entire production process enables you to make better decisions in less time, responding to changes in demand quickly and effectively. It’s this level of control that ensures happier customers who’ll come back time and time again, which ultimately means a healthier bottom line for your business.

Quality Control & Complaint Management

Quality Control & Complaint Management

Quality Control

Having stringent quality control procedures in place gives process manufacturers the necessary level of detail and control required to avoid contamination and adhere to product quality guidelines set by both customers and regulators.

SAP Business One offers the necessary tools to proactively manage quality at every step. The solution enables companies to define ingredients and resources required to perform a test, as well as frequency and method of testing. With the ability to configure critical alerts, inspectors are signalled when tests are required and gives them the capability to carry out the tests quickly and efficiently. Complete visibility of the process is available through clear, color-coded dashboards and quality recording tools.

Complaint Management

Complaint management, usually a component of Quality Control, is the process in which complaints made by either a customer, vendor or an internal department are reviewed and handled. Having a structured methodology in place gives companies the ability to react to complaints quickly, increase control over the manufacturing process, and improve the overall quality of products.
With SAP Business One, the entire lifecycle of a complaint can be managed end-to-end. Batch and lot numbers are easily searched for and recorded within the system. The complaint can be linked to a quality control test, and depending on the result, can then be flagged as a basis for a product recall. 

Batch Control and Traceability

Batch Control and Traceability

Process manufacturers need the ability to track and trace the movement of products across the supply chain both backwards and forwards. With SAP Business One, companies gain complete 360 degree batch control and traceability to track the genealogy of ingredients through to the end product, and end products back through to raw ingredients.

Using drill-down transaction and document functions as well as a clear, visual traceability map, easily view what batch or lot went into what products and where, who it was bought from and who it was sold to. With the robust functionality of the system, performing timely traceability for recalls and regulatory standard audits, such as for the FDA and EPA, is a simple task that can take a matter of minutes.

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