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With the number of assets being employed by businesses seemingly ever-increasing, many are turning to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions for help. Of these solutions, Infor EAM proves to be a particularly popular choice for businesses across a whole host of industries. With its ability to better align manpower, equipment and resources, keeping in-line with strategic business priorities, Infor EAM is helping businesses to maximise the availability, reliability and performance of assets. It minimises total cost of ownership and delivers that all-important competitive advantage.

For those who don’t know, what is Infor EAM and how can it make a difference to your business?


What does Infor EAM do?

Infor EAM manages and maintains a business's assets - be that fixed or mobile. It provides a comprehensive view of not only the location of assets but also their condition and availability too - throughout their entire lifecycle. Maintenance schedules are taken care of, planned, optimised and tracked according to skills and tools available, as well as taking strategic priorities into account. In the most simple terms, Infor EAM extracts data and information about all assets and uses this information to optimise asset use and maintenance to minimise downtime and increase business efficiency and profitability.

Infor EAM has evolved over the years to take into account not only the ever-increasing amount of assets used by organisations now, but the nature of the assets themselves. It takes advantage of the proliferation of smart devices and concepts such as the Internet of things (IoT) which has changed how business approach asset management and maintenance. Many industries now rely on the performance of their assets, which explains why more and more businesses are now investing in Infor EAM to create optimum efficiency via its comprehensive functionality.

Mobile maintenance

The mobile nature of the system means that users have access wherever they are - in the field, in the office, or on the go. This makes for more efficient record keeping and updating, resulting in accurate, timely information to inform faster, more effective decision-making.

Maintenance planning

Infor EAM makes it quick and easy to track and manage all asset work requests, as well as labour planning and scheduling. Using available asset data, the system can highlight where best to deploy assets, people and resources. This consequently minimises downtime, transforming business efficiency.

Predictive or preventative maintenance

One of the major benefits of implementing Infor EAM is its ability to proactively mitigate against equipment failure. Again, using information about an asset’s condition, performance and future use, Infor EAM can analyse the available data to develop a preventative maintenance programme. It prolongs the life of assets and prevents unforeseen downtime wherever possible, increasing productivity across the board.

Cost efficiency

Infor EAM not only tracks where assets are and how they’re operating, but how cost effective they are too. The system has the ability to highlight where assets aren’t as cost effective as they could be, recommending any remedial action that could be taken to address any cost inefficiencies.

Purchasing management

An often forgotten part of asset management, Infor EAM’s purchasing management functionality makes sure you order the correct parts in time, helping you to manage delivery times, payments and receipt of goods.

Smart devices

Infor EAM amalgamates the masses of data generated by smart devices, using in-built analytics to turn raw data into real-time business insight to underpin fast, effective decision making for overhauled business efficiency and agility.

Inventory management

With its real-time information, Infor EAM gives businesses a better handle on their inventory management. Intelligent inventory management ensures there’s no longer any need to carry unnecessary inventory, saving money and increasing inventory efficiency.

Asset management policy

Infor EAM helps with compliance with a variety of ISO standards due to the visibility of multiple assets that it affords. Unfettered access to all asset information helps to provide all the information necessary to fulfil regulatory standards, as well as being in-line with asset management best practice.

Safety and compliance

Again, the availability of such comprehensive asset information fulfils health and safety requirements, with Infor EAM helping to mitigate against risk due to the detailed asset histories it maintains including asset monitoring and stringent record keeping.

Asset reliability

Infor EAM can accurately anticipate asset reliability, prolonging the life of assets, while minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Automatic notifications of asset problems streamline maintenance processes, which, in combination with preventative maintenance, minimises downtime further still, with the chance to proactively put alternative plans in place.

Intelligent insight

Infor EAM is a scalable, flexible and powerful solution, extracting trends from the increasing amounts of data that all businesses are dealing with to turn asset management functionality into a competitive advantage. It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or with a combination of both depending on the needs of the business. This provides both the depth and breadth of functionality to meet all asset management requirements. It’s a truly mobile solution, providing on-the-go functionality across multiple locations. It optimises assets to maximise performance, making a real difference to the bottom line and with keeping one step ahead of the competition.

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